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Fig_-_Power_of_CommunicationRTC: First I want to thank the man behind Diary of a Tired Black Man, Tim Alexander, for commenting on my little blog! The comments did shed a little light on some things about the movie I found confusing; however, I still think the movie was too unbalanced, even if you were trying to make a point. The way I see it (and I am not a filmmaker so I don’t know anything about budget and time constraints or the scope of the project),  something had to attract and keep you; she couldn’t have been all bad. Looks aside, how did you come to be married to her? Was she the same before you got married and you overlooked it or what? As an outsider, I only know so much of her/your situation, how either of you became to be the people in the relationship in the film, so I am just wondering. As a non-angry, unmarried Black woman, I would like to understand how it gets to that point. I watched the movie on Netflix’s Watch Instantly feature, so I didn’t get the opportunity to watch any of the director commentary. I will have to rent it from them and check that out. Also, I will definitely check out, and more than likely comment on, the message board. For anyone else who wants to discuss the film or follow the discussions, the link is http://www.tiredblackman.com/forums/ 

Now, I wrote in a previous entry that my aunt and I had a disagreement in our working relationship in which I felt that she disrespected me with a voicemail she left. I sent her the work she wanted and let her know that I was upset about said voicemail. This was Saturday. I have not gotten a response back from her about this situation, or anything. Faith and Pearl both said that she had been on their cases too, as she’s stressed about a business audit she was supposed to have (if it was still on schedule, it was supposed to be done yesterday). Maybe once all the hoopla is over, she will contact me; if not, am I responsible for opening up the lines of communication again? I mean, I did not close them. I did not express my feelings in a disrepectful way, and I DID send her the work she asked for, but she hasn’t spoken to me since, nor has anyone come to pick up the van. Ah, well.

As I said, Pink Susie has been there for a lot of the ups and downs I’ve suffered through in recent years, but she also hold grudges. She bought my dad a sweater when he was 14. He didn’t like it and told her so. She told him she would never buy him clothing ever again. My dad is over 50; he hasn’t received so much as a sock or pair of gloves from her. She means what she says. The thing is, she hasn’t said anything. This is a new record for her…nearly a week without calling me. I must admit, being free from the constant calling, the “do you have this ready?” or “did you get this email I sent you?”, the early morning wake up calls…it feels kinda nice. But I would like the occasional, “hey, just calling to see how life is going” calls. What do you think, WordPress? Who has to give in and who has to accept the apology gracefully?

Please read https://2blu2btru.wordpress.com/2009/08/22/family-affairs-should-not-be-business-affairs/ first. Also, if anyone knows how to copy a lik without putting it as a link, let me know. For example, if I could say “as I said here” and “here” was the link and you just click on it. Thanks