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monday_morning_bluesMr. Perfect and I usually spend at least 3/4 of our weekends together, and this weekend was no exception. Friday I was too done with everything and didn’t want to leave my apartment, and since he was doing the co-worker mingling thing, I got to be pissy all by myself. A girl needs that sometimes, is all the hint I will give on why I was “pissy” (women understand). Asprins wasn’t working on the headache or the other issues, and the only cure was an oldie but goodie Harlequin from the back of my closet. Ugh, long last Dad returns, unrequited love finally gets requited…*big happy sigh*…and one of those spiritual showers I told y’all about. Add the scruffy PJ’s and all I was missing was some butter pecan and caramel ice cream with waffle cone crumbs…

Saturday was fun. We tried a new restaurant called Hamburger Mary’s. We concluded: a) Mary was not born a woman. b) The GLBT keep a clean restaurant, and it was color coordinated and interior designed within an inch of its life. c) I kinda like the hot pink heel your check comes in (and it was my size) and d) The food was really good.

We started out going to see Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen matinee, but didn’t check and went to a movie theater that didn’t have it anymore. Since nothing is really out we HAD to see, and he let me pick, we saw The Final Destination (aka Final Destination 4). I love the Final Destination movies, but I was not impressed. They did not have a creative death story like 2 did, the deaths weren’t as inventive and surprising as they usually are, and the ending didn’t have the biting irony that I was used to from the other movies. We saw it in 3-D and that was cool, but not worth the extra money. As Mr. Perfect would say they didn’t “pimp” the 3-D enough for it to be worthwhile. Mr. P doesn’t like FD franchise as he only saw the first one, and this one wouldn’t have sold anybody on it.


After the dismal movie, we walked around downtown talking about any and everything while enjoying another sunny Florida afternoon. It was nice to finally get to catch up and just chill for a bit. There wasn’t much after that, but watching Ted Kennedy: In His Own Words (Mr. P. is a history buff, and explained the entire Kennnedy legacy in tandem with the show, lol), and falling asleep on a discussion of how a John Wayne and hundreds of others may have gotten cancer from nuclear fallout from nuclear testing in the desert.

Sunday we went to church and heard a good word, then ate beef tips and noodles at my place, with ice cream for a desert. I watched Mind Hunters (Mr. P fell asleep as per usual), then we watched Bridezillas. This woman was by far the craziest bridezilla I have seen in a while. She was getting money from her ex-husband, which she intimated was for the kids, to fund her wedding. Her ex-husband, who was in Iraq when the show was being taped, sent her over $4,000 on top of child support in four months and the poor guy didn’t know he was funding her wedding. To top it off, she was getting married to the best friend of her ex-fiancé (apparently, he “stole” her from his friend…just like she “stole” his bank card and overdrew his account $300). Drama!

There were such lovely moments with Mr. P this weekend, but I will keep the rest to myself and just go…aww, I love him!

Today was such a Monday. I was tired all day long, bobbing and weaving at the computer, I couldn’t seem to get anything done, not even my iPod could keep me focused, and I am broke. My gift card is empty, so no pub lunch for me, which would have helped the cause; I need a free meal. To top it off, left the rest of my lunch, which was going to be dinner, at work, so now I have to cook.

Oooh, before I forget…I saw The Neighbor on netflix streaming last week. I was a little disappointed…It was great while I was watching it, but there were too many things left undone at the end, and…*SPOILER ALERT*

…they don’t really end up together, it’s just a maybe.

I didn’t get to Mary Reilly yet, but I will; just haven’t been in the mood for a thoughtful movie, and today isn’t looking good either.

After the day I had, trying to write an introspective, topic or theme oriented entry was not going to work, so the tale of my contentedly boring life will have to suffice until I get my hands on some food and some asprin.