Raphael SaadiqMy day yesterday started out crappy and ended up being pure bliss. We will not get into missing toll money, being late for work (again), being tired and crappy all day long…let’s get to the concert.

Mr. P and I went to the free Tom Joyner Family Reunion concert, featuring Doug E. Fresh (who did not beat box–boo! Can I get a little *sound effect* *sound effect* *sound effect*? Geez!), Ruben Studdard (who did a few of his songs and a Luther Vandross review that was amazing), and my love, Raphael Saadiq. Whew! Mr. P almost lost me. If Raphael would have called out for me…Lord! He still look good, had so much energy, dancing around and singing like it was 1985…ahhh!

We left straight after work and a quick change, and after only six dollars in tolls (ahhhh!), we arrived at the Gaylord Palms Resort. It is lovely! It looks like a palace on some caribbean Isle with nothing but palm trees, breeze, and the greenest grass ever to be seen. It was lush and tropical. The convention center…eh. The exp…eh. I did get some free Organics by Africa’s best hair and skin products and saw a woman who was doing caricatures and drawings of booties…seriously. They had options like flat, round, removing panty lines…she was really drawing booty shots…started to get one, but I was broke and I didn’t have all day for her to draw my big ol’ butt…Raphael was going to be singing soon *wink*

Ruben sang well. He had on his lime green Florida/Alabama type suit with the matching shoes (from what I could see on the jumbo screens…some big head woman stepped in front of me during his performance…she was lucky she was gone by the time Raphael came up). He sang “So Amazing,” this other Luther song I like “Creepin’ ” (I think…this “bad boy” is sneaking out to the house party…y’all know what I’m talking about, right?), Never Too Much, and his songs “To Make You Feel Beautiful,” “Sorry for 2004,” “Change Me,” and the new one. He’s not as big as he was, but he’s still big, you know, velvet teddy bear.

The comedian was hilarious! I know him, but I cannot remember his name. He has been in some stuff…he is the one on Comic View that talks about Africans think he is African, with the big head…yeah, him…

Then Raphael Saadiq came out. His back up singers came out dancing with the suits on (one male, one female), then here he comes dancing. He sang everything “Never Give You Up” “Sure Hope You Mean It” “Keep Marchin’ ”
“Love That Girl” “Dance Tonight” “Let’s Get Down” “Ask of You” “Lay Your Head on my Pillow” “Anniversary” “It Never Rains in Southern California” “Thinking of You” “Just Me and You”…He even sang “Living for the Weekend with Eddie Levert. He sang a song he wrote for New Orleans, “Big Easy.” He danced the entire time, and sang…no, come on and sing, crowd…and he wasn’t even out of breath. The Temptations suit with the skinny tie and the black rimmed glasses…ooh! I “Love That Boy!”

For a free concert, everyone gave it their absolute all and really put on a show. It picked up my spirits and got me through until this three day weekend. We didn’t stay and shake his hand or have him sign a CD or Take a picture…I don’t think we even got a program to put in the scrapbook (or, rather, the collection of paraphernalia I have to go in my yet-to be purchased scrapbook), but I will find something to mark it…maybe print off this entry!

I had on my heels the whole time, and me and Mr. P. swayed to the oldies spun by the DJ and sung by some greats. A good time was had by all, there was an orderly exit to the parking lot with no incidents, and the only regret I have is the free Maxwell concert tickets were gone and I didn’t have money or PTO to see Joe, Ginuwine, Chico Debarge, Loose Ends, Vanessa Williams, and the other acts and events that aren’t free.

I promise I have a though provoking entry coming up for you…I will get right to it after I post this…and watch a movie for my next review.

*SMOOCHES*…sorry, Living Single marathon was on last night when we got back