Labor%20of%20Love%20LSometimes love is hard work…love of any kind, not just the romantic kind. I have written here about how my aunt Pink Susie is mad with me. Well, her husband brought her and my aunt Pearl up here with him yesterday when he came to pick up his van, and it was evident she is still mad with me. Oh well. There’s nothing I can do about that. I had to cut the umbilical cord sometime. I can’t let her dictate everything in my life through browbeating me, guilting me, and wearing me down. Still, it was awkward to see her and not hear anything about the business or the house or have her tell me of something else she wants me to do. She just frowned the whole time while I talked to Pearl and my uncle added a quart of oil to the van.

There were other tension filled moments in my weekend, but good ones as well. I finally got to see Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.



I know I am extremely late, but I did try to see it sooner, after Mr. Perfect finally saw Transformers. Anyway on to my review. Did anybody else think that the ending was a little too obviously left open for a sequel? We all knew if the movie made a ton of money, the sequel would be in the works, but there was no, maybe/maybe not at all about the ending…I won’t spoil it if you’re even slower than me, but I will say “Come on, Mr. Bay and screenwriters…do better.” There are much more subtle, yet titillating ways to let the auience know there will be thirds if we would like a little more.  I appreciated there was a full story line. I felt that the autobots, except Bumblebee, Optimus Prime, Ironhide, and the Twins were underused (I can’t identify by name half of them). I had a few questions during my movie watching experience: Why do ALL of the Decepticons look exactly the same? If the Autobot/Decepticon planet was Destroyed, what planet was the Fallen on? Who was the Decepticon on the satellite, and how did he get up there? Had they used his metal to make a satellite or what? Who brings ten children to the movies (not about the movie, but I WAS wondering)? Why do grown men pretend their 2 year old wants to see Transformers and when said 2 year gets frightened and cries THE WHOLE TIME try to calm them just enough so they can finish watching the movie? That’s just wrong.

I also saw Househusbands of Hollywood for the first time, but I will write a review of that, Whitney’s new album, and, finally Mary Reilly, another time. I gotta go make something to EAT…yes, I know…seems I am always eating, but I’m not. It’s just that being creative makes me hungry…and I did just come from work a little while ago.

Love Overboard,