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I have so much stuff to write. I finally saw MaryReilly, I saw Men Cry in the Dark, and I have to post the Househusbands of Hollywood (HHH) review, Real Housewives of Atlanta review, and Behind the Music review. I finally figured out how to do the links, yay! And I am going to have pages! I will make Movie, TV show, Book and Music Review pages, as well as a “Blue Girl Chick-tionary” page, and some other cool stuff. I want to set the WordPress world on fire! I also want to find a way to import an old journal to pages, and have links to the Tales of P&T, Party Grievances, Adventures of an Almost Grown Woman, all the really good things I wrote before this blog. 

I want to go see that new Tyler Perry movie and go skating. I may do some other things tonight, but then the work begins. I think you will love the new blog features.

I also have so serious topical pieces to put up, so just to titillate you, the working titles: I Don’t Need…Jealousy; Being Here for History; This B***h is CRAZY!; Nobody Listens When I Talk; A Gathering of Old Men; and more.

The next time you see me, this site with be…transformed.

Optimus Prime

w.k.a 2Blu2BTru