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Whitney Houston and OprahMy random commentary on Oprah’s interview with Whitney Houston, Part 1.

1. Whitney looks so healthy now. She looks as alert, mature, and calm as I have ever seen her. She’s confident and composed…in short, she looks like a forty-something black woman who is all grown up.

2. Oprah tries so hard to be a serious, journalistic interviewer like a Barbara Walters or a Diane Sawyer, but she just can’t take Oprah out of the equation. How did I learn more about you than WH? Why did I learn more about you than WH?

3. What a difference a Clive Davis makes! Celebrities and celebrity handlers take note. No doubt, if Kanye had a Clive Davis he would act right. He is a throwback to the Barry Gordy school of producing superstars–hands on in every way. Since the advent of facebook/twitter/blogs, celebrities have been circumventing their handlers and publicists and are letting their crazy flag fly. Not so here! Whitney is playing the “I’m just a normal person” role perfectly, and leaving the “please pay attention to my crazy behind before my fifteen minutes are up” to the young fools.

4. I hope Oprah lets WH speak–you know answer questions without being cut off or spoon fed answers. I want to hear one thing that doesn’t sound rehearsed, see one question that catches WH off guard, just to let me know that this is a real interview and not another prepackaged “rebuild my image and don’t pull any punches interview.” I feel like WH had last night’s questions a while ago. I mean, she did. Her team knew we would want to hear about Bobby and the drugs. I want a crazy Tyra Banks question, one that has nothing to do with any scandals or rumors, like…Who had the best boobs of anyone you ever worked with? Not because I want to know, but because it would get a real response, a completely off the cuff, this is how I really feel answer.

I am not saying she is lying, but I want less polish and more of that Whitney sass that is still shining through all that Maybelline. I want her to jerk her neck one good time, or slap Oprah five, or belly laugh with her head thrown back and her mouth wide open. I like the new, mature WH; but can I get a little sizzle for old time’s sake?

On to hour two…