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Whitney Houston and OprahMy random thoughts on the Whitney Interview (not the actual review):

1. The “How did MJ’s passing affect you?” question–are the death of another celebrity references going to be as common as everyone making references to how September 11th changed their lives? Didn’t Mary J. Blige reference Aaliyah’s death as when she finally got herself together? I don’t think she even knew her like that…hmm…

2. Even WH acknowledges she looked emaciated and about to die on that anniversary special. Scarecrow effect worked on me–I was frightened for her.

3. R. Kelly wrote “I Look to You?” That figures…

4. “Don’t call it a comeback…I been here for years”…most overused line in music? Hmm…

5. I finally got some WH sass and attitude! There’s that old Whitney! Call her Bobby; I dare you!

6. Is it just me, or did the light make it look like Oprah had a random streak of gray hair towards the front?

7. OMG…you were thinking the same thing I was thinking!–Were y’all really both praying to connect with one another’s spirits…”fa real”?


1. Oooh, sparkly things!
2. Throwback hair!
3.Was Whitney catching the “Oprah ghost”…randomly shouting and carrying on, with the pastor in church breakdown accapella at the end of the song?
4. Bobby Kristina has a raspy, grown woman voice…I bet she can sing, with her cute little self…but Whitney, fix the last reminder of Bobby…close her gap…please and thank you.
5. The video tribute/montage was so cute! You could see the hero worship…and J. Hud was singing that “How Will I Know”!
6. Vintage is the name of the game for Miss Houston, I see…the clip from Million Dollar Bill was straight out of 1985.