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diary of mad black woman

Sitting in my cubicle, going through the regular workday millieux, an alarming revelation came to me: I am my own main character in Class Reunion. Now, if I were my own main character in a lot of other stories, I wouldn’t have a problem with it, event the “bad parts,” but (excuse this bad grammar) why I got ta be her?

I wrote Class Reunion when I was in the 12th grade at CK, the private school I graduated from. I was always ambitious and I had always known I would be a writer, so it wasn’t any big dilemma for me to take Writing Workshop. The first story I handed in for my first critique was Class Reunions. We have a school magazine, the Clarion*, that we get in the mail every year or so. If you flip to the back of the magazine, or dutiful class secretaries (a duty that last until you…well, die) supply the magazine with little snippets of what has been going on in our lives (the ones they can catch up with). Our generation, with emails, facebook (I don’t know if it was around my senior year; I signed up the year after, and it was still new and exciting…and only available with a college email.), myspace, and now…twitter, we have it easy. It is very easy to keep in touch with someone, while they are in any part of the world. It is very easy for Emily* to get in touch with any of us.

It had been sitting in the back of my mind that, well, you could write anything you wanted to in an email and send it to her. What was to stop us from making up glam lives with rich husbands, lives in which we are living our wildest dreams? The 10-year reunion, of course! Well the truth would come to the light. Who is bald, who is single, who is broke.

so my story involved a young woman who is surprised to get the call for the high school reunion. Not just surprised by how time has flown, but how her life is nothing like she would have imagined it ten years ago. What’s worse, it’s not even how she told her class secretary for all those years for the magazine. She had a fantasy life she had made up completely because she thought she had time to accomplish it all before the reunion.

I haven’t lied about my accomplishments to the Clarion, but I have read it. I’ve read about the girl who got the record contract; the guys who started the music production company; the girl who was working on her second book, to be published with a ridiculously large first printing; the law schoolers and med schoolers; the entrepreneurs, cooks, elected officials. It’s ridiculous. Are these people really my age? I know, they started out with money and connections I didn’t have, some of them, but wow! And we will not talk about all that has been accomplished by those behind me. I can’t even get a story published! This is not where I thought I would be this far down the road.

To top it off, what made me laugh while sitting in my cubicle, I even have the fictitious boyfriend. I have a boyfriend with an MBA he isn’t using in his current job. How unreal is that? I can’t believe I am Maggie and Mr. Perfect is Nathan. I really have to finish writing that story now; I gotta know how all of this ends.

I have been busy busy busy lately, writing reviews and watching the new fall lineups. Thank goodness my cable comes with Primetime on Demand. If it is on CBS, NBC, FX, USA, TNT, TBS, Oxygen, Bravo, Fox Reality, Tru TV, MTV, BET, VH1, or several others, I can watch it anytime, without a DVR. If it is on ABC, I have to see it live. I will post some things soon–HHH; NCIS; NCIS: LA; CSI:Miami; The Forgotten; Mary Reily, and;  Men Cry in the Dark reviews. Also, topical entries and just plain old everyday happenings.

This is a retake of my life, (Same Script, Different Cast…or not),