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Eclipse and Breaking Dawn Movie

Today is Sweetest Day, or so I’ve been told a million times. Sweetest Day originally had nothing to do with lovers or romantic relationships (they already had V-day), but with bringing happiness to orphans, shut-ins, and other forgotten people. Don’t believe me? Well you can read up on it here.

Therefore, I have no qualms with not being with Mr. Perfect on Sweetest Day (see, we aren’t joined at the hip all weekend every weekend). I usually spend Sweetest Day alone being sweet to myself, or catching up with friends, or cleaning my apartment. Typical Saturday fare. This year is no different. I have some good food to cook, some music to listen to, blogs to catch up on, movies to watch and review. I am calling and email my girl friends (the few true ones that still remain), making sure they know that they are appreciated, reconnecting.

I saw today as an opportunity to do more of what I talked about in this entry. I am getting back to doing a few things I haven’t done in a while that used to make me happy, that used to define who I was. Mr. Perfect is supporting me in that endeavor by being gone, lol. Mr. Perfect is going to a football game. Next week, he’ll be going home for a week, so I will have another weekend of semi-Me time (semi because Pink Susie has me taking some people to Sea World). I finally get to go to an amusement park, one I haven’t been to that I can recall, for free and hang out with my favorite former client to celebrate his birthday. And, hopefully, get paid to do so. I can relax Sunday after church and be really relaxed and ready to start the week.

Don’t get me wrong; I miss Mr. P. when he’s gone, but whenever he’s gone, I have a lot of fun as well! The ladies and I get together and show out without our men. If you can’t exist without your man being present, you need to get a hobby. That man can’t be everything to you. What if he decides to go? Then you wouldn’t have any friends or any fun. There’s nothing like having to start from scratch; trust me, I’ve done it many times (but for different reasons). You don’t need a man for anything!

…except maybe to cuddle…

…and kiss…

…and to tell you how great you look and how good you smell…

…but that’s it!

Celebrate Sweetest Day, Ladies, single or attached. Because the sweetest days are the days when you can be sweet to yourself. Have a piece of chocolate. Wear some sweats. Get a mani-pedi. Have a girl’s night out or a couple’s night in. Whatever you do, do it well.



P.S. I’ve never seen a twilight movie, but these Sweetest Day pics are fun!

Eclipse and Breaking Dawn Movie

Melodramatic…but fun!