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marriage-2I have been trying to find a way to do this for weeks! This is strictly for married people. I personally have always had a lot of questions about getting married, being married, and staying married. And before you ask, no I am not engaged, no I am not getting engaged in the near future, and no you cannot go shopping with me for a bridesmaid dress you don’t think is hideous. Because that’s what people automatically assume if you ask them about marriage, right?

But shouldn’t people be thinking about marriage sooner, say, while they are out in the dating pool? Shouldn’t I already have some idea of what to expect? I mean, they let me tour Purdue and UCF before I attended. The main reason I didn’t go somewhere else is because I visited those places. But you can’t exactly visit marriage; it’s (supposed to be, in my humble opinion) a lifelong commitment. I can’t commit to reading a book without a preview, let alone a lifelong relationship. So I’m counting on you.

Thanks to my soror and her research class, I found a website where you can take my marriage surveys anonymously. I am adding the link here and to my blogs to get responses from both married people I know and don’t know. These questions are by no means the conclusion of the matter; I will have more. They only let me put 10 per survey. I have twenty questions at the moment. So who wants to play 20 questions?

As always, anything you want to say on this blog post, you are free to say. Divorced and single people, I have questions for you, too, but I have to get my questions lists together. Also, if you think I missed a question, post it here and I will add it to additional tests. And if you take the survey, please complete the whole thing.Share links with all your married friends. Thanks in advance for satisfying my curiousity

Curioustiy killed the cat, but satisfaction brought her back!

Click Here to take survey Marriage Defined part 1
Click Here to take survey Marriage Defined part 2