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I have had quite a few responses to the marriage quiz, and they have been really eye opening and diverse, but I am holding off on drawing any conclusions until I get a bigger pool of responses. Overall, I can say I am surprised by a lot of the responses simply because I hadn’t thought they would be the answers I would get. It’s hard to put into words what I thought would happen.

I didn’t expect people to be as honest as they are being, but I supposed the guaranteed anonymity helps. And I want as many people as possible to take my marriage quizzes because I know everyone doesn’t feel about marriage the way I do. People that I actually know and invited to take the quiz are mostly people I met at the Christian Student Center on campus in college, or people I know that are Christians, so I don’t have the diversity to choose from.

That’s why I am depending on all of you wordpress people to take part! Please take the marriage defined quizzes (part  1 &2) only 20 questions. The only requirement is that you be married.

Please go to Married Folks Please Read! and click on the two links provided to take the quiz.