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scrapbookingI got a few books from the library on scrapbooking, and found out this scrapbooking thing is going to be a whole lot harder than I thought it would be. First of all there is special paper for everything so that the pictures don’t fade and the pages don’t yellow. The paper has to have a pH of 7 or above (yes, I said paper and pH in the same breath). There can be no acid–and acid transfers, so you can’t put any acid containing things in there, either. You can’t use regular office supply store page protectors, they also have to be a special brand. It is all so complicated. Acid free paper? Fa real?

Mr. Perfect texted me yesterday that one of his coworkers is planning a ladies night and has invited me. I said of course I want to go. This is exactly what I have been looking for, n’est-ce pas? A group of 24 and over women with jobs to talk about something other than Rhianna and Chris Brown or go over Biology notes with. (I will be talking about Rhianna’s interview in another entry though; I just don’t want that to be the extent of our shared conversation.)

But then it occurred to me that I don’t really know this woman or any of her friends. I am sure we all remember the last time I went to a gathering of mostly females where I didn’t know  anyone (sidenote: Don’t you hate it when people say “we all know”? If you don’t really know, you can’t say so now; you’d look like the idiot that should know this already!). No? Well, I went to this gathering, not knowing that the person who invited me wasn’t going to be there and hadn’t told anyone that I was going to be there. Since the gathering was for members only–invited members only, it would have been helpful if she had told someone that she had invited me. Immediately I was escorted outside and given the third degree: who told you about this, who invited you to come, what are your credentials, la di da. I felt like I was being interrogated. Did I murder somebody? What is the deal? Most of them spent the rest of the night giving me death glares and ignoring me. Thank God for men! Men can be lifesavers. They will gladly talk to you and try to include you, even when it’s clear the females are not in agreement.

But there won’t be any males in attendance; this is strictly females only. Hopefully this gathering will be as acid free as the paper I’m about to invest in for this scrapbook.

I am so done reading about scrapbooking. I am going to Beads & Scrapbooking with my clear scrapbook organizer and asking them how best to go about assembling all the crap therein. What type of paper do I need to put this on? How can I “de-acidize” these movie tickets and wristbands? What glue will make this plastic thingie stick? What about this napkin?…