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…even though he’s been on every news station in Central Florida all day. I am sorry, I knew that it was some cheating nonsense when they mentioned he crashed into a fire hydrant leaving his house, with no alcohol involved, then went a few houses down before hitting a tree and his wife breaking windows of the SUV with a golf club to “rescue” him. LOL…that’s what I call it too, “rescuing”…more like running away from a who is she beatdown.

But like I said, this is not about Tiger. Actually, it’s about another cheating man that I know. He was caught cheating because he had sexy text messages and pictures. But he’s not the real focus either. So what is you ask? Ala carte lives, the Golden Rule, and who vengence belongs to.

So we will call this couple OneUp and Cheater. OneUp had a man. Her man was Cheater’s best friend. They go back like rocking chairs, babies with pacifiers, all that. ComeUp is doing her good woman thing when she allegedly comes home and finds her man in bed with her brother’s baby mama. Well, what’s ComeUp to do? Give him his comeuppance, of course. So she ends up hooking up with Cheater. And it is a scandal, honey. But then they get married and the scandalous part goes away. They join the church, he becomes a deacon. Years pass by and it seems like life is wonderful from the outside. But then Cheater’s phone won’t stop ringing one day and he’s outside. ComeUp checks it and sees sexy text messages and suggestive pictures…of her best friend, also married, also a cheater. She confronts this person, tells her husband, and is making Cheater pay through the nose, not knowing whether he is in or out. All of this is going on behind closed doors, and only people in that house know what’s going on, but then some of those people start talking and here we are.

I am so tired of ala carte lives and and our own sense of vengence making our lives miserable and unfulfilled.

I have a confession to make. I cannot order straight from a menu. Ask Mr. Perfect; it simply cannot be done by me. I have to get the lettuce and tomato taken off, the spinach left out, can I have this cheese instead of that cheese, can I have steamed broccoli instead of the vegetable medley, etc. Ala carte places like buffets and I get along because I can pick up what I want and leave the rest behind. I get this chicken sandwich, no lettuce or tomato, add swiss cheese to compliment the cheddar, right? They have an express menu that cuts the price in half and includes the drink, only you can’t add anything. I could still take off what I didn’t want, but no substitutions. So yesterday I paid twice as much for my sandwich…for swiss cheese.

But some people live their lives this way, not realizing everything in life is not ala carte; some things just go together. They want to be in a relationship where someone loves them and is committed to them and thinks of them first, but they don’t want to be faithful; that’s boring. They love God and his Word, except those scriptures that tell them not to do what they want to do; they shouldn’t count/ it’s only God inspired, you know men added some things just because that’s how they felt and the OT doesn’t really pertain to us anyway. In the case of the Bible, the book itself clearly states do not add to or subtract from. If you don’t like it, don’t do it. Period. You can’t tailor make the Bible; it is what it is. There are things I wish weren’t in there, but they are and since I signed on to run this Christian race, accepting the Bible as God’s words to me, then I have to abide by them or stop running. I don’t like other people in my business, calling me when they don’t see me, calling me out on something they didn’t agree with that I said or did. I’m not a fan of having to wait until I am married to cohabit or have sex. To be honest, cohabitation would probably make my life a lot easier–split the bills, companionship, someone to cook for, blah blah blah. Every now and then, I meet people who need a good cursing out or a beat down and I want to be the one to give them the gift that keeps on giving. It looks fun to be able to do what you want and not feel guilty or convicted. But no one made me agree to follow Him; I knew the rewards, risks and things I had to give up before I signed on. It’s in the contract; why  lose what I’m running towards and working for because I chose to ignore what I was asked to do and told not to do?

In the case of the relationships, it’s much less defined. It’s all about what you and your partner have set up in advance, the verbal and/or written contract that you have drawn up. Is this relationship to be monogamous? If we can see other people, how does that work? You can’t assume that just because all you want is someone to go to the movies with that’s all the other person wants. That’s how you end up getting chased down the street by a golf club wielding woman at 2:30 in the a.m. (ahem…I’m just saying).

Neither can you get anyone back without setting yourself up. Maybe it won’t be done onto you in the exact same way, but it will hinder you. Who would have thought over 15 years later, Cheater would be cheating with his wife’s best friend, just as she had snuck around with him on his best friend? Does they even appreciate the irony, or did it not even occur to them? You cannot tell me that she wanted a man to cheat on her with her best friend, but she was only trying to get back at a man that hurt her. Why bother? You never know what life has waiting for that other person. People  who did wrong to you seem to be doing better and  better “until I went into the sanctuary of God; then understood I their end. / Surely thou didst set them in slippery places; thou castedst them down into destruction./ How are they brought into desolations as in a moment! they are utterly consumed iwth terrors.”–Psalm 73:17-19 …God not only is just in his recompense, He has already placed people to get exactly what they deserve, good and bad.

That’s enough sermonizing for one day. Stop cheating, trying to get back at people, and trying to treat your life, faith, and relationships like an ala carte buffet, as I am trying to do the same. And leave Tiger Woods alone…looks like Elin is taming him just fine on her own.