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…to write in my blog more often. Yes, it did. I know, I say that from time to time, but it did. It also inspired me to enter some upcoming writing contests, and Mr. Perfect has volunteered to be “Dear Reader” to my Charlotte Bronte.  I have submitted anything in a long time. Being honest, I haven’t written anything in a little while either. I have been uninspired to do anything literary, but it’s time to get out of this little funk and start concentrating on something that has always made me happy, something that has always been what I wanted to do.

Do you ever notice how, when you try to make a plan of action, so many procrastination aids and sidetrack demons come out of hiding to trip you up? Every little ache becomes an unbearable pain; a little tiredness becomes an extreme case of exhaustion worthy of hospitalzation; your wrist discomfort is a sign of carpal tunnel; if you start tomorrow, you can come to the material fresh and well rested.  There are a million and one reasons why today is no good. There are a thousand reasons why the space you have designated, or the time you have chosen, won’t work. It’s also like that with the gym. You want to go, you intend to go, and you know that once you actually get there, you will do the work and be satisfied with the result, but you have so much trouble getting there. Getting there isn’t half the battle; it’s nearly all the battle.

The last contests I entered, I submitted two really crappy first drafts because I procrastinated on finishing the pieces. It wasn’t as if I didn’t have time; on the contrary. I wasn’t working and I wasn’t in school. I had revised the first half of each story almost to perfection before I even wrote the endings. The endings were tacked on the day they had to be mailed, with no revision. One ending was to neat and trite and through the whole point of the story out the window. The other didn’t make sense. I cheated in the way only bad writers can. I made a science fiction leap (in a realistic fiction story) to explain how a character could remember something, then ended the whole thing in a dramatic flourish that finished the story, but lost the moral question at the core.

I am revising only this time around, since the contest deadline is the 15th of January. I have two really strong stories, one of which has already been revised several times. I think the themes and the characters are strong, and the writing is some of my best. Wish me luck; I’ll keep you posted.


P.S. I meant that about writing more. I willl write more tonight, and hold me to it!