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My goals for the year are simple, direct, to the point, a marvel of simplicity–but not easy to achieve. At least not for me. To fully embrace Accountability, I have certain areas in my life that are subpar that I want to work on, but that doesn’t mean I know exactly what I need to change or how to change it. the main idea is that I know it needs to change. Without further ado, my goals for 2010:

1. Get healthy/fit: exercise more, cook more at home, see a doctor, see a “lady doctor” (gynocologist), be more active. The treadmill and I are old friends, but now it’s time to be friends with some other exercise equipment, and outdoor activities like Tennis, biking/cycling, and possibly learn to swim. If my body is really a temple, it’s definitely time for temple maintenance. If I were the Holy Spirit dwelling in me, I wouldn’t be pleased with accommodations.

2a. Write more: It’s been too long since I’ve written anything that was of any substance, something that could be submitted for contests, publication, something other than a few witticisms on my wordpress blog, or a snarky entry in my private diary. Besides, I don’t write here nearly enough for it to count as a serious writing endeavor [but that is to be remedied. see 2c]

2b. Get published: I have been published before, but it was a long time ago, and if I am ever to do what I really want to do for a living (write novels, poetry, short stories, and memoirs), then I have to start getting published, getting my work (and my name) out there.

2c. Write more in my blog/online journals: It is my intention to write something here every single day. It is, at the least, something to make sure I have written everyday, and at most, it will show that I can stick with the process and think critically about my life. It will force me to be more creative if I have to find something interesting to talk about every day.

3. Career growth: In other words, don’t quit my day job, but rather, advance in it. The past six months I have been a permanent employee, I haven’t been given a career path, because I am still bouncing around departments, transferring everyone from primarily paper documentation to primarily computerized documentation and filing. It’s time for me to finish this and settle in to a career track with the company. I don’t want to be a “support specialist” forever. It’s time to make my career goals clear, and start moving in the direction I mean to go.

4. Get my financial house in order: I haven’t much of a problem paying the bills, but due to having to pay back loans, my debt to income ratio is too high, meaning I can’t get approved for much of anything. Somehow, I have to find the extra money to pay more on my debts and decrease them more rapidly, with an eye to a future free from debt and focused on saving for the future.

5 Get my spiritual house in order: I have had some hard knocks this year,  and it’s been harder and harder to preserve my relationship with God. People have died, people have betrayed me, I’ve lost things, relationships have soured, I’ve been frustrated at being stagnated in the same place in so many areas of my life. It’s been hard to continue to be patient and faithful, even for me. I’ve been through rough times before, but when it’s rough year after rough year, you begin to flag. Where is the valley? This year, it’s time to make peace with God; it’s not His fault for my situation(s). My minister said something that resonated with me. In the Bible it says the rain falls on the just and the unjust. What this means is that there are certain immutable laws of creation in place that if you do a, b will happen, whether or not you are a Christian, whether or not you are right. His example was, if I am a person who doesn’t believe in God, yet I plant seeds, till the earth, water it, and so on, I will yield a crop; if I am a Christian who never does those things but prays to God for a crop, I won’t have one. The world has laws governing it that apply to everyone. Sometimes, I’ve been that hand -stuck-out Christian that wanted God to do what I was supposed to be doing myself, at the same time trying to do the things I should have let Him do. It’s time to correct this balance and move forward with the Lord.

6. Time to shorten the guest list: I have to reign in my liberal use of the label “friend,” and my over availability to so-called friends. If I get taken advantage of a lot, that’s my own fault. I try to give people so many chances, and I never want to just cut people off. I have a problem throwing people away; I just can’t do it. What if they still need me? What if I still need them? Some people are just distractions and disturbances. Their aim is to keep you from being able to accomplish what you set out to do in the first place. Trying to help them achieves nothing, and they don’t have any benefit to you. It’s time to let those people fall away.

As I said before, none of this will be easy, and I am not sure how to go about all of it, but these are the goals (not resolutions) that I have set before myself, things I want to achieve. I probably won’t reach them all in a year either, but that is the short term goal period I have set, with my regular check points along the way.

Maybe I’ll keep track in each entry in a Bridget Jones sort of fashion: parasitic friends 20,  publications 0, extra money put to bills 0,  bills paid on time 0, minutes in the gym 0, vegetables 0… we will see.

To anyone who decides to follow along, thank you for taking this journey with me. There will be a few new restructing things on the blog soon. Look forward to it!