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There are at least two people at work who have made it their New Year’s Resolution to quit smoking. Bravo, I say. Bravo. I’ve never been addicted to cigarettes, but I hear it’s a hard habit to break. But it is the season for undertaking difficult endeavors.

New Year’s resolutions are definitely in the air. I went to the gym today, and it was PACKED!! There were so many people in there, many of whom had obviously not been in a gym in a very long time. Not only was it the first weekday of the New Year, the first Monday of the month is free pizza night. Every minute, there was a new person signing up for a membership.  Heavy people, skinny people, buff men preening in front of the mirrors, flexing muscles, rubbing muscles–all present.

The atmosphere at both work and the gym was tense. There were alot of people whose faces read “why am I doing this?” No doubt, they weren’t happy with the way that things were, or they wouldn’t be trying to change it. But there’s comfort in the familiar. There’s also comfort in indulging a habit. Everytime I eat Cinnastix and frosting from Domino’s, my stomach smiles; seriously. When I get some Coca Cola down my throat, my lips smack: “Aaah! Woo!” It’s that good. But if you realize it’s a detriment to you, your instinct, if not your inclination, is to change it. So there we were, sweating and/or pining for cigarettes.

I had a good time at the gym though (and only two slices of piza). I  have to be able to visualize the end results sometimes, but other times, I just have to know that no machine is going to beat me. For instance, my nemesis:

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Cybex. This is like a stair stepper on steroids (but the smoother movements are much kinder to your knees.

You can burn nearly 700 calories an hour on this thing. You feel the burn in you thighs and but like no other. It lifts your gluteus maximus, but doesn’t necessarily minimize it. It’s tough, but rewarding

I spent about an hour working out in the gym (ok, ok…my iPod stopwatch said fifty-two minutes, but I worked out a bit on my abs before I set it. ) I didn’t get any jogging/running in, but I got the Cybex, the Elliptical, the Abductor and adductor machines, and some arm machines. All in all, a productive day.

I’m tired now. I’m about ready to go to bed after a good shower. There’s so much more to write about, but I’ve fulfilled my duty and it’s time for bed. Have to be fresh for work tomorrow.