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I went to the first Singles Meeting of the new year today. We had a fun ice breaker with some pennies where we had to tell something of our lives in the years respresented on two different pennies. I have nothing to write about.

Or maybe I do. I’m so tired from going to the meeting and getting back home after nine, I don’t know what to do. Having been in the cold and now being warmed through by my heat, having eaten and changed into sleepwear, watching CourtTV (I know it’s TruTV now, but that’s just stupid; it’s still CourtTV to me) and drinking Cherry 7Up from a wine goblet, I’m a little lethargic.

I know the last two entries have been duty mission, just something to write to say I’d written today, and I’m sorry. It isn’t my intention to skirt the real intention and import of writing here everyday; it’s just that some days are harder than others to make interesting and exciting. Some days you really don’t feel like writing. Some days you just want to come home, eat, put on PJs and go to sleep. Today is one of those days–all of them. It was boring–I went to work, went to a meeting, came home. It was cold and I could only think to get warm and get a restful night’s sleep. Hopefully, I will be well rested and of a better disposition to expouse some great philosophical point or relate witticisms and quirky/weird observances. but tonight, the only thing I want to talk about is sleep. Sleep is nice. He’s my friend, when I can catch up with him. He’s in high demand these days. But he’s calling me now, so I better answer.