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There’s not much time for this entry, as I’ve been very busy today. After going to Bible study last night, Mr. Perfect and I pooled resources and managed to get something to eat. It had been a long day and it wasn’t long after eating that I got home and went to sleep. Today I had an uninspiring day at work which seemed longer than any day should be, after which I went to the gym for two hours. Yes, I worked out for two hours. I will be sore in the morning. It felt good to workout again, but I think I may have overdone it. I must have used every machine in the place. Afterwards, Mr. Perfect and I went to the pub. Apparently, if you tip less than %15 when  you use your card, the server is supposed to report you to my boss. I hadn’t known that until today. It was no big deal; after all, it’s on a gift card.

Teddy Pendergrass passed away this week. It seems as if we are losing all of our Black legends. Oprah’s Legend’s Ball is getting awfully empty. We’ve lost Luther Vandross, Barry White, Gerald LeVert, Teddy Pendergrass, Michael Jackson, Isaac Hayes, Bernie Mack, and many others in the past five years. I’m glad I got to know them through their music, movies, and film, and to appreciate a time when entertainment was better than it is now. There wasn’t the McDonald’s and Burger King model in music. The instruments weren’t caned. The sound wasn’t based primarily on samples or vocoders and/or autotune. Talent was the most important component to your success. Teddy Pendergrass had a lot of talent. “If You Don’t Know me by Now”, “Love TKO,” “Close the Door,” “Come Go With Me” “When Somebody Loves You Back” “You’re My Lastest, Greatest Inspiration”–the list goes on and on. They don’t make music like this very often anymore. I’m glad that I was exposed to this type of music and taught to appreciate music made with real instruments and lyrics that made sense and said something. I’m sad all the people who made that music are dying, and their influences with them. The soul of music is slowly slipping away. Soon it will be time to pull the plug. R.I.P. Teddy P.