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I have been doing this new year, new me thing for roughly two weeks now, and it’s time to check in again and figure out how this is going for me. I thought about weekly, but bi-weekly is easier; after all, I get my check bi-weekly, it gives me a longer period of time to evaluate, and I feel going to long without reflection will make it easier to let a minor setback become a habit you are hopelessly entrenched in. So without further ado…progress report.

I have been exercising more, alternating between going to the gym and doing yoga in my living room. I feel better. I notice a difference in my body. I’m stronger, a little leaner. My stomach is still a solid mass in my lap, but a smaller solid mass, so that’s a step in the right direction. I’m also sleeping better. I go to sleep easier and wake up more refreshed. The eating thing is catch as can; some days I eat healthy, other days I can’t afford it. Until the money situation is stabilized, then the eating has to be what I can afford and not necessarily what’s good for me or what I want to eat.

Speaking of money, I haven’t been doing so well with my financial accountability, mostly because of the unexpected trips at the beginning of the year. So I am starting off financially wrong footed, but with a few positives. Positive 1 is that my car loan, the buy here pay here car, was sold to another company, one that reports to the credit bureaus because I’ve been paying on time. Positive 2 is that I got a $.30/hr raise, or between 2-2.5%! It amounts to about $50 a month. It’s definitely better than no raise, which is what most people got. Go me! All extra money is good money.

I’ve been to church and gotten back involved with one of the two ministries that I was involved in, the Singles Ministry. I’ve been to Bible study. We’re studying our way through the Old Testament using Bro. Ben Foster’s Old Testament Study and the Bible. We are still in Genesis, so I hadn’t missed too much. It feels good to get back to feeding my faith. It’s sometimes hard to find the motivation, but Mr. P and I help each other in that respect. It takes some effort to make myself relinquish my control over my life, but it’s going better.

I missed my writing contest deadline, so my goal for being published is way off. I have the goal to send something in for possible publication once a month. There’s still half of the month left, so I can still meet the goal for this month. I haven’t written anything I’m excited about recently, but there’s always time.

That’s my progress so far. There are things to be proud of and things to be worked on. I am happy that I’ve at least made progresss in some areas.  I am not where I was when the year began, and that’s good enough for the first two weeks.