This past weekend, while a pay weekend, was destined to be low profile. Mr. Perfect’s birthday weekend is next weekend and, while we can’t do much, we planned on trying to do something different next weekend. I decided that I would be a good girlfriend and plan a cheap guy centric weekend of football and chicken wings and pizza. It was my plan that we should relax and watch both games each day. Mr. Perfect loves football and I thought it wasn’t too early to make a weekend out of what he would like to do. The opportunity doesn’t present itself very often; getting him to express what he would like to do sometimes is like pulling teeth.

Amid all of the football there was a lot of us time– time to talk about the future and feelings, time to snuggle and cuddle. It’s always nice to be held in his strong arms, even when it’s during a game.

I also got him set up on twitter. He always has something to say, some timely comment; now he has a mini forum to make them in.

I am updating at a spoken word event now. We finally decided to venture out for a bit. The club is mellow, with candles in amber candle vases and a live band. We love the spoken word and good music as opposed to the loud thumping, throbbing music of the clubs and lounges sometimes. Spoken word is not my chosen medium, but I can appreciate the artistry. It may seem easier to convey emotion and get people to connect with the feeling you want to engender with spoken word, but it’s not a given; there’s skill in the delivery.

Well, must go, as the show is about to start…

*finger snapping*