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There’s only one work day left in this week, and for that I am eternally grateful. It seems like the short weeks seem to be the hardest. I WAS HERE mLK day, so it isn’t that short, but it is only four days. I for onr had no problem working MLK day. I remember praying for a good job and now that I have one, I won’t complain. Except about coworkers every blue moon.

I’ve been slacking on the accountability goal, in the intended meaning/goals, and the unintended. I still have the library books, just sent in car payment, and have not written anything aside from blogs. As I said, I did get the car payment off, and I can take books back after work. But there are also the intangibles–I still have to set a definite date for trip home number one, and let Mr. Perfect know so he can put in for it. I need t make sure that I continue going to the gym, especially during the week when I have to go alone. I went by myself yeaterday, although I saw Mr. Perfect there. He seemed to be impressed I was there alone.

Other things to ensure I get done: file a claim for my cracked windshield bofore it falls in on me; deep clean my house; make my doctor’s appointment; make my dental appointment; invite people to this blog ( I need more comments/encouragement); sleep.

I absolutely need to ensure I sleep. I have dark smudges under my eyes again. It looks as if I’ve been beaten in the face. Two black eyes. It’s not cute. What’s also not cute is having nightmares about evil spirits in my house that I’m trying to convert to Christianity. What’s up with that? Seriously. Telling them it’s not too late like they ain’t dead, while they recline on my bed and my couches and turn my heat down. What the fudge? Not to mention dreams Mr. P has his arm across my throat choking me, or beeing chased by bees and getting stung, and all manner of foolishness.

I am so tired. I can’t go anywhere. I am going to try to cook this spaghetti and eat a little before I fall asleep where I sit. I have to go in early tomorrow, but I’m off on Friday, which is Mr. P’s birthday. Still not sure what is planned for this weekend, if he’s going to visit his friend in another city or what, but I know my weekend includes some sleeping in if I have to take some ambien to get it accomplished! (Well, not really; I hate pills and don’t like anything that makes you sleep…might not let you wake up)