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**I forgot to post this yesterday, too busy going to the gym straight from work and then out to eat with Mr. Perfect for his pre-birthday celebration. However, I know what excuses are, so I”m not making any excuses, just apologizing for dropping the ball so frickin’ frackin’ early.

I went to the gym for the second time without assistance–I’m moving up in the fitness world, lol! When I was in the group home business, there were  a few distinct levels for goal achievement for clients–Refusal, needs physical assistance, needs verbal prompting, or completed (completed being without prompting or assisting). For the most part I’ve needed physical assitance (Mr. Perfect coming to pick me up), verbal prompting (Mr. Perfect calling me to meet him at the gym), or I was downright REFUSING to go (I’m tired/sore/hungry/sleepy/militantly against/going to do yoga instead…), so this is a good development.

I read some more of Carrie at work today on lunch break, but for the most part, I was super focused on getting work done. My boss came up to me on Wednesday when I was coming back from taking some folders back up to accounting and asked me where the work was I was working on. It was locked up because I have to lock up everything when I leave my desk, since accounting paperwork is “CONFIDENTIAL,” which I told him. I also told him how many boxes I had left and that I wasn’t sure what, if anything, was left for me to do in accounting thereafter, at which point he expressed to me to “make sure you’re working” all the time (i.e., I gues, not slacking–which I never do)  and to “let me know when you have one week left.”

I’m sensing a bit of urgency for me to get my behind back to Underwriting. I don’t know what the big rush is, but I’d like to get back there, too. It’s frustrating not to have a real career track and to just bounce from department to department doing the same thing and never advancing (or making more money–let’s be real, I need more money to pay all these bills!) So I made sure I was even more “on the grind” than usual so no one could say I don’t take my job seriously (even though they really couldn’t say it before.

In the end, I needed to go to the gym to clear out all the work nonsense so I could devote positive energy to helping Mr. Perfect celebrate his birthday this weekend. I saw a couple of sorors at the gym as well. They are members of my gym and seem to be there a few times a week. They workout together there. One asked me if I was by myself, but when I said yes, she just said “oh.” I thought maybe there was a reason she was asking, but I think it was just polite conversation gone awry when the expected answer wasn’t received.

Noticeable changes in body from going to the gym: my butt is bigger. Well, not really. My butt is not laying on the backs of my thighs anymore. Now, it sits up of its own accord. The reason for this development seems to be a hamstring/gluteus maximus working machine that I am obsessed with, as well as that Cybex stairstepper/elliptical thingie, with which I am also obsessed. From ab exercises, my abs are stronger, but I seem to need an increase in cardio to flatten the fat over top of my stronger core. The waist of my jeans was loser, but with the booty developments, my rear end has taken up the slack. *sighs* More work to be done, but better.

Mr. Perfect, the sharer that he is, took me to Olive Garden with him to celebrate his birthday. We were the last people to leave. Some of the Olive Garden staff didn’t appear too happy with us, but our server was nice and helpful. We talked about Mr. Perfect turning 26, the significance. It seems that he is at a place where he has all the need to do’s up to this point covered and is now more interested in the want to do’s. I am so not there yet, but I can understand it.

He got a cake for his birthday from a mutual friend of ours that he’s excited about. I was so happy to hear it. He is used to being…forgotten or not considered. He is used to people not thinking about him, especially so called friends, so I was especially happy he got it. It was something he wasn’t expecting and really made his day. (I’m sure he’ll tell you personally himself, but from me, a very heartfelt “thank you for being a friend!”)