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Mr. Perfect is high on chocolate cake. I have sand in my toes and sweet potato fries leftover from the pub. I can only eat two pancakes, hashbrowns, two scrambled eggs with cheese, and two pieces of turkey bacon. Cars on the beach are a very bad idea. Baghdatis sucked today, injured or not. People should not tease bulls, ride dirt bikes, or go skiing with cameras. This is the sum total of our day today.

Mr. Perfect and I went to IHOP for breakfast, ordering all you can eat pancakes. Apparently, I can’t eat a lot of pancakes, but it was cheaper to order as all you can eat than to just order a breakfast with two, so I made the right decision. After Denny’s, we went to Daytona Beach and walked the beach, I barefoot for the outbound trip, and with shoes and socks for the return trip. It was quite cold, but there were a lot of people out, people in bikinis, and people in the water. We didn’t stay too long, but we saw a lot of foolishness, including a toddler playing in the rough waves (alone and unattended), people running in front of moving cars, and people throwing footballs directly in our path.

After the beach, we went to the pub and had a lovely lunch/dinner on my company 🙂 After the free meal, we went to pick up Mr. Perfect’s cake. Unfortunately, the cashier was having difficulties and attempted to charge us for the cake, so we almost left it. He finally “found” the receipt that proves it was already paid for, and we were on our way. After a photo session with the cake, Mr. Perfect finally got to taste the chocolate on chocolate dipped in chocolate with a side of chocolate covered chocolate cake (Mr. P: “Featuring Chocolate on keyboards…and bass!”–See what I mean?). He is now in a chocolate haze, talking incoherently about chocolate, All State (“Swoop and squat”), bulls, and skateboarders (we are watching Most Shocking top 20 Most Shocking Moments).

All in all, Mr. Perfect’s Perfect B-day Day 2 was a success. “Yes!” (Mr. P in quick soft voice). As Mr. P would say, “Indeed!”