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***Thinking of doing one of these every week, so let me know what you think! This one will be a little rough, but the point of the MM is to give you something to think about/ponder. I’m not promising it will be deep; as a matter of fact, most days it will be downright random, but it will provoke thought…usually. Don’t have a title for this one, but here it goes…

I watched a lot of sports this weekend, between Mr. Perfect’s football and my love affair with the Australian Open. Two people stand out in my mind as subjects for thought: Andy Roddick and Brett Favre.

As I watched Brett Favre get cracked and sacked time after time, get up limping or grabbing a shoulder, yet still determined to go back out and play, I felt like he deserved to win. To want it so badly, to keep going for it when you are continuously beaten back, you should get what you seek. And poor Andy Roddick, playing with a bum knee and sore shoulder, enduring five set grind matches only to be called on to muster the same courage for the next round after only a couple days. These people deserve to get tothe next level, right?

But then what? The Superbowl and the Semi-Finals? Is it worth it? What if you give all of that to get that one step closer, and then when it really counts, you have nothing left?

Quite a few people think Brett Favre should have retired a while ago, but this was arguably his best year ever. He got to break somemore records, and almost got back to the Superbowl. But at what cost physically? At what cost to his family and relatiionships? Is he that much more likely to get Parkinson’s or some other degenerative brain disease for those extra pummelings he took? It remains to be seen.

I don’t knock anyone for being competitive or giving their all to whatever they do, but I don’t believe in all plus, sacrificing things that are better/more important in the long run. When you feel you can’t go on sometimes you have to tap out. Obedience is better than sacrifice (scripture when I get to my Bible.) Obey your body. Obey your mind when it screams for a break (not procrastination, mind you, but for a strategic retreat to marshall the troops). Obey your spirit when it tells you it needs feeding and care.

We are all busy; at least, I know I am. But a hot bath, a cool drink, a prayer– these things don’t take long, and canrecharge us enough to see if the end is worth the rough road you have to cross. The chicken, this scared little bird, crosses a road to get to the other side, not for fun, but because there’s something over there he can’t get where he is. Why are you crossing? Even if it’s a vain attempt, are you haappy enough you tried, because you u couldn’t stay where you were? Favre did not get to the Supeowl; was it worth it to him, all the agony, for almost? If so,Then congrats for being brave enough to try.