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No one knows what I’m doing next. No one seems too concerned, either. Except my boss. And me. But that’s cool. I guess.

Work. It’s been an interesting start to the week. Once again, I went to lunch with people I work with under duress. Anytime I go to the pub and people from work are there, they call me over to sit with them. I do, whether I want to or not. In fact, most of the time, I do not. I have a book with me that I want to read, or I’m writing out an idea that I’ve been playing with. But I don’t want to be rude, even if I don’t particularly like most of the people who insist I sit with them.

I don’t mind admitting that I don’t particularly like some of them, because they don’t particularly like me. We are two distinctive kinds of people who happen to be hired by the same company. For some reason they seem to think this necessitates our eating together, even though when they talk about Lady Gaga, weddings, diets, and the life of an underwriting assistant, I have next to nothing to contribute.

I hate sitting at a table to eat and checking the phone or talking on the phone, but that is what I do every lunch period I eat with this particular crowd.

Today, I was so happy to sit and eat by myself. The regular lunch crew went to another restaurant, so I got to sit and perfect my put off Monday Meditation.

Before I turn in for the night, an image that stuck with me. I usually don’t share my little story ideas, but I will today. I was sitting in Olive Garden waiting for a carry out when I family of four came in. The hostess says good evening and inquires “Four?” “Five,” The woman corrects, then looks around. “Four,” she says, rather sheepishly. Hmmm…the possibilities I want to explore from this simple exchange…

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