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I am so sleepy and I don’t feel good. I haven’t felt good for a while, but I’m trying desperately to feel better. I refuse to be sick. I gotta go to work and do things, I can’t afford to be sick. I have been feeling less than fantastic since last Wednesday. This is very unacceptable.

I am going to have to redo this entry when I have something to say and/or when my head isn’t pounding, my eyes aren’t burning, my sinuses aren’t hurting,  and sleep doesn’t seem like the best thing since sliced bread…maybe since the wheel.

I finished Carrie.Yay for me! I don’t know what I”m reading nxt. I could read Stephen King’s It, but it’s crazy long…1086 pages long. I could also finally finish Invisible Man, but all that thinking right now will only make my head hurt 😦

Saw Let’s Talk About Pep today–and you know I want to talk about it. Pep’s show is a mess. But I can’t do it justice right now because I want to fall over, so I will save my review for another time.