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Okay, well, it’s not THAT good of a morning, but sometimes you have to fake it until you make it. I do feel a little better. I watched the middle of a really weird movie on the Sundance channel that had David Boreanz in it, and this other little man that I know but don’t know his name. It seemed that Boreanz was a “writer” and he was moooching off of staying with the little guy. There were some random Colombians he invited to stay at the little man’s house, random women he hooked up with, etc. The little man was a very cultured man who liked the Opera and wrote scores. He enjoyed high brow literature. He was very easily taken advantage of. It looked interesting from the 30mins somewhere in the middle that I saw of the movie. I don’t know the title though.

My boss is trying valiantly to find out what comes next for me and when I will actually be returned to the underwriting department, but he’s not getting anywhere either. I was told by the new accounting person assigned to oversee the backfile scanning that she was meeting with the Accounting Manager (I believe her official title is Controller…ironic, isn’t it?) on yesterday to find out what was next and she would email me after that meeting. No, not so much. Meanwhile the Controller never got back to my boss, and the CFO, he of the loud shirts and louder mouth (seriously, this guy speaks at a 10 all the time…and always sounds angry and impatient), has not gotten back to him about my next move. Am I going to corporate next, or back to Underwriting? What, exactly, is left to do in accounting? Suffice it to say I haven’t gotten anywhere on my career goals, but it’s not for lack of trying.

We’ve already talked about my lack of progress financially here, so we will skip evaluated that goal other than to say I’ve made no progress.

I didn’t submit anything for January. I missed a few days here, but I’ve made almost all of them up. I wrote down a few new ideas, but I haven’t gone beyond cataloging them at this moment.

As for my spirirtual goal, I have been going to church on Sunday and Bible study Wednesday, as well as being involved in the Singles’ Ministry. A sister approached me to help her take some of the older children to Second Harvest in March to volunteer and I agreed. A lady at work seems to think I’m close to God and asked me to pray for another coworker, which was my topic for the lost Wisdom Wednesday that I will be posting, hopefully later today.

Trying to be more present with my friends is going fine. Loopy friend and I are talking more, even though she acts so young I want to strangle her sometimes. She’s refreshing and honest, if nothing else. She also wants to be my gym buddy, so I will have someone to go with when her new work schedule takes effect. My other friend is thinking of moving here, my more mature, refreshing and honest friend. My 2nd Bestie. Hopefully she does.  That would be fun. We had some interesting times. (She’s the one who bought me the cake on my 21st birthday) I keep in touch with my Bestie on the phone, and other friends through facebook, twitter, and WordPress.

I still have some things from 2008 that I want to accomplish before my birthday, the official start of a new year for me. I want to finally watch this movie my coworker suggested. I have a library book to take back (super late, I know…hey, I renewed a time or two, so it’s not that late).  I have to change my W-4 as I only have one job this year. Some other things probably, but I can’t remember. Oh, and I’m going back through this blog from the beginning to now and adding pictures, categories, links to referenced journal entries, and so on to make it pretty and user friendly. I also need to get some more great blogs to read, so if you know of any, let me know.

I’ve done really well with the get fit part of my goal, now it’s time for the get healthy part. I’m going to start with the dentist before the doctor, just to get my feet wet (and basic first visit stuff is 100% covered with no copay, and I won’t have any money until next check, lol. ) I’m actually excited for the dentist. I have a tooth that is in need of repair, one that isn’t there anymore, and they all could use a deep clean and checking over. I’m told I have a great smile and I would like to keep it.

As I look into a new month that includes my birthday, hopefully some answers about my career, and a time where I finally see money from all the cuts I’ve made (about $115 per month in budget cuts), I’m looking to move forward even more fully. Everything before my birthday is really just an assessment, a dry run, an opportunity to see where I am and how far I have to go. February 24th is the jumpoff point. That’s when it counts, when it’s no longer practice. I’m a little sad about decisions I have to make (Michigan in May and Chapter 0th Anniversary are not looking good right now), I know I’ll eventually get to visit those people and do those things that matter. Just maybe not when I want to. I know that’s more the reason I was so upset about the tax return thing than the money. I want to see my sorors and my mama and family in Michigan. Sorors and family here are fine, but there’s nothing like home. Ah, well. Still working towards it.