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(I don’t want you know more…or love you know more? Y’all know the song by Keyshia Cole!)

I had thought that my Monday Meditation was going to be about the Superbowl commercials. It may still be. But there have been so many topics that have been brought up today that I’m not sure what I should write about.  I want to write about Let’s Talk About Pep, Celebrity Fit Club, this whole unconventional love letter thing, the Shakespeare sonnets, job developments, and everything else. I saw What Happens in Vegas. I have a lot going on.

Superbowl commercials. I didn’t really want to talk about them, but rather, the idea of them. People first spend 3 million dollars for 30 seconds in which they have the attention of the vast majority of all of America. Now, what to do with it? What do you say when you have an audience with such high expectations, when you finally have your moment to show the world what it is you do and why you’re the best at it? Now, I watched the commercials with Mr. Perfect, and in between twittering and laughing, I wondered about all the commercials and all of the years I saw them. For the most part, the companies that always advertise–Doritos, Budweiser–are offering something people consume or use at gatherings like Superbowl parties, and are moderately successful. But there are always companies who, to me, seem like this is a last ditch effort, something to generate revenue. To me, it’s like being on bended knee and asking a woman to marry you, then having to wait until the next day to get the answer. It’s a coin toss. If you had to present your passion, your life’s work, as a Superbowl commercial, how would you get someone to buy what you’re selling? To remember what you were selling, and not just the funny thing that happened?  How do you present yourself to the world when you have the world’s attention?  Or better yet, how do you present yourself when the only person that matters is looking?

Let’s Talk About Pep–I love this show! First of all, I love the format,  four friends getting together each week for lunch to dish about men and life and relationships. All of the women are different. If I didn’t have friends so different from myself, I might find it hard to believe all of these women could coexist in a loving friendship with one another without someone feeling exhausted from trying to mother everybody, or rein in the wild one, or bust free from the restrained, refined one. But they clearly all love each other, and it works. And the men that they meet…wow! Toe sucking men, similac breath men, sexy men who can cook, sexy men who been to jail, crazy men, men who stand them up…if they weren’t all gorgeous one would wonder how in the world they meet all these men! One of these days, I’m going to catch up with all the episodes and give a real in-depth interview, but my admonition is to watch it.

I did watch What Happens in Vegas with Mr. Perfect. I was all set not to like it, but it was so cute. I know that it’s cliché, it’s juvenile, it’s unrealistic, but they tugged on my heart. I always love crazy Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher is just so cute as the guy that doesn’t want to grow up. I’ll write a real review one day…maybe. I don’t know if it’s worth a review, but if you love romantic comedies, polar opposite couples, that one moment when you think it can’t be fixed, and the aww-inspiring conclusion kiss, it’s worth a watch.

So much other stuff to start a dialogue about, but it’s nearly twelve and I’m tired.