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This is the One With Brothers, Mothers, & Others2   10/27/2006


     High school: Whatever high school is to you, its an absolute, a personality informing experience that impacts our lives far more than any of us would like it to. When I entered high school, I was determined not to be the person I was in middle school, the little nobody. I dressed very carefully for the first day of school, a good thing, because I met Destiny’s brother and Jason that day. I had on beige capris with a goldish- brown sleeveless top, gold necklack and bracelet, with strappy black sandals and my shoulder length hair down. Almost as soon as I walked through the doors, I met Destiny’s brother. The boy was an eternal flirt. I knew right from the moment I saw him he wouldn’t figure much in my overall high school experience. Besides, I was looking for HIM. HE had never been to the same school as me, but I was almost certain that he would be at my high school. His middle school had been practically next door. I had been waiting for this moment almost my entire life–well, the last four, five years of it. Destiny’s brother was good-looking though, and so nice. I still remember what he was wearing. His had to have been the loudest, most brightly colored Hawaiian shirt I have ever seen in my life. A tropical blue figured largely, along with orange and green, but there were bits of red as well. He had the whitest, most dazzling smile I had ever seen. Had I not been so intent on HIM, I would have fallen as hard as all the other girls seemed to do for him. He was like a walking Hershey bar, and you just wanted to sink your teeth right in. Mmm, chocolatey goodness!

    Jason didn’t even figure that much. He was a slightly more alluring obsession though, simply because he possessed a quality that I invariably like: He was freakishly tall. When I say freakish, I mean 6’8″ tall in 12th grade. He was mixed, with curly brown hair and blue eyes–uh, I almost lost my mind. 6’8″ of chocolate and vanilla swirl delight. He was a walking advertisement of why Blacks and Whites should procreate together more often. We need more Jasons in this world. It would certainly make it a brighter place for me!

     The most significant guy other than HIM, however, was Joe. Joe went to church with me. I had met him a little after the Punch debacle, like less than a month later. I had only heard him speak a few times, but he had another of my weakness-inducing likes: he had a very deep, sexy voice. I think that his own voice was overwhelming to him, and he had to grow into it before he would talk with any consistency. He seemed inherently shy, and it took me almost a year to get any response out of him, but I kept working at it because he was so cute, and I loved that voice. He was about 6′ tall, so that was all good. He was Christian, even the same non-denominational type of Christian as me. I mean, “husband material” may as well be flashing across his forehead in neon lights. Since Joe wasn’t a big communicator, I was more than surprised and pleased when he would wave at me and smile in the hallway. After that year, at church when we sat next to each other, we would pass yawns back and forth (they are so contagious), and once he “accidentally” left his watch on the pew next to me. I don’t know if it was a bid to get me to talk to him first, but I gave it to his mother (he would just have to chase me). I wrote him a letter, not romantic, just asking him if we could be “friends.” Technically, we were as friendly as he got with girls, but I had to do something without being too obvious. So how shocked was I when he came up to me and said hello? That was one of the greatest triumphs of my life. The boy hadn’t spoken to anyone at church or, as far as I knew, at school in years, and everyone told me it was his nature to not talk much, but he came up to me and initiated a conversation! We had a lock in, and he actually came, a rarity for him. He gave me his brother’s snack food, and after mostly everyone else was asleep, we stayed up talking a little and watching movies until two or three that morning. So much progress! Amazingly, nothing ever came of any of it. We eventually went back to non-verbal communication. Somewhere, I had misstepped, I still don’t know where.

     HE wasn’t at school with me that year. Why is still unclear, but I must say, I still enjoyed it, what with Joe and all. There was talk of HIM a lot though. A girl in my honors science class used to date HIM in middle school. A girl in another class claimed she was the current girlfriend, but she was lying. There was speculation that HE was in juvenile detention for everything from stealing a car to being voluntarily put there because his mother couldn’t control him. Everytime anyone mentioned HIM, my heart would do a backflip in my chest and end up in my toes. It would feel as if someone had sucker-punched me in the gut.

     When summer came, there were two other new additions, both of which share the same name and were in the same program with me as my previous summer pal, Brandon. Brandon is a very important name in my history. I had that previously mentioned friend Brandon, another Brandon in eighth grade who was helpful (but not material for the HIM Chronicles), these two Brandons, and the next year I would “date” a Brandon for nine months (but that’s getting ahead of the story. These two Brandons were decidedly different. Brandon one was the smartest person that I’d ever encountered, outside of myself. I knew a lot of people who had an affected intelligence that was little more than a thin veneer of intellect over a collosal ego, but, althought Brandon One had ego for days, it was justified. He was a year behind me but was so advanced, he took math with me. He was very good looking as well. Goodness, it just wasn’t fair for him to look like that and be that smart. He won every award there was to win in that summer, and he never came back. Curse it, he was even good at sports, especially basketball (a weakness of mine from childhood). Branodn Two was a lot less gregarious than Brandon One. He kept, and still keeps, most of his opinions to himself. I didn’t know then how big a part he would play in my life, and would have laughed at anyone who tried to tell me how big a part it would be. Brandon and I were in the same place from that summer on. He went to high school with me the next year, back to the summer program, we both got scholarships to private school, we both ended up at Purdue. In fact, in the past six years, we’ve spent five at the same institution, and only because he was a grade behind me did it not hold true for all six. He became my frat brother as well. This past year, we have become friends, finally, not just two people whose life patterns happen to be almost identical. I thought he was so cute, in an aww kind of way back then, mostly because of the candy/neon colors he wore, but I’m glad nothing ever came (and went) of it; I would have missed this friendship, even if I hadn’t ever known it.

     Darn it, this is really long, and I still didn’t get to the mother(), or Tsquared, nor the return of HIM. Ugh, I guess I’ll have to be continued. We still have so much ground to cover–there’s still T, T’s friend, *, Brandon the Boyfriend, and the conclusion of the matter, at least for now. Quick update: I have watched Joe grow from shy guy into deep-voiced sexy man who left church early New Year’s Eve, presumably to meet someone. Hmm…I think I missed a sterling opportunity there. I should have pressed the advantage when he was gorgeous but shy and mute. Ugh, I am such a loser.

Joe please call me, ***Joe, please don’t call me. In truth, you’ve gotten a little weirder, I have a man, and it wouldn’t have worked. That is all.***