I have been having a hard time getting to and from work and church this past week, let alone trying to write here! I know I will have an even harder time trying to come up with new and exciting things to say about love. I don’t want to fill your head with the sappy, unrealistic, Harlequinesque type of stories that you can read anywhere else on the net; I want to give you a few good laughs and a tear and a warm fuzzy without giving you a sugar rush that will nauseate you.

So I went digging and found a collection of old entries I wrote about my misadventures in male companionship. It was startling how different those things were from the reality of Mr. P. and my refined view of Mr. True Love. Then I thought about the movie with Matthew McConaughey, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, and how it played on A Christmas Carol. I thought. I can do that; I’ve already done most of it. So after work, I will begin to post A Valentine’s Carol by 2blu2btru! *feels the anticipation!*