This weekend I crossed a few things off of my list of things to do before I turn 25. I finally watched Stir of Echoes. It was a pretty good movie. It goes on the list of movie reviews I need to write. What I didn’t like will be hard to say without giving a BIG part of the ending away, so I’m still working out how to express my disappointment in it.

I also saw This Is It this weekend. I wish the world would have had a chance to see that show all put together. Michael Jackson was a true artist and musician. He was aware of every note in every song, every slight variation in chords and choreography. He was also such a good mentor to all the young dancers and musicians. He let them have their time to shine (of special note, guitarist Orianthi, who now has an album and a song “According to You” on the radio). He pushed and pushed for every element of that show to be wonderful.

I was supposed to spend some time with my dad Sunday evening. Admittedly, this was under duress, as he had a plane to catch Monday morning and wanted a ride to the airport. He was trying to find a way to squeeze in a visit with me while he was here prwaching a revival. I’m used to being a footnote in that story, so I wasn’t entirely surprised by the squeezing in as with the effort to squeeeze me in. Usually if I don’t go see him prwach, I don’t see him at all. I don’t know if it was because it was close to my birthday or if he really just needed a ride to the airport. It tuned out he wasn’t able to get here until late, anyway, so Mr. Perfect and I went to my sorority’s probate show on campus.

When my dad finally called, I haad to meet him and pick him up from a rendezvous point with my uncle. After driving him to my place and getting him settled, I walked Mr. Perfect to his car. I went back up to my apartment to find my dad already asleep. So much for quality time!