I need a break from people and their demands, questions, commentary, and needs. When I really try to help people, or understand them, or listen and be reception, I get drained, mostly because with most people it is not reciprocal.

People would rahter assume they know what I would say orhow I would feel and answer for me, usually in unflattering or bad ways. “You were disappointed in me.” Was I? I waasn’t aware I was. “You weren’t having a good time.” I was there and it’s my feelings in question, but I wasn’t asked, so how do you know? “You don’t like going to the gym” “you aren’t serious about blah blah” “you’ll try and talk me into/ out of blah blah” “This is the type of person you are”…If only I were allowed to be the expert on me. But if I make such conclusive statement about how other people feel and whatever, I am judgmental, I am harsh, I shouldn’t talk about them that way, and what a small minded, self-centered so and so I am when I’m supposed to be a Christian.

I try to listen to people, give advice and my interpretation where appropriate (and appreciated), but you can always disagree. If I tell you my preference, it’s just that–a preference. If I ask your opinion/ preference, I want to know. I am not asking to be polite or to attack it. But I can’t be given the benefit of the doubt in any case.

So I am taking a break from people and their opinions, suggestions, questions, problems, and advice. I am hanging up my cape, counselor’s couch, Sunday School teacher cap–all of it. Even Jesus withdrew from the crowds of people needing healing to rest and renew Himself, if only to show us it’s ok to do that, just like God resting on the seventh day was for an example to OT Israelites. I have to remember I have a body, a soul, and a spirit to look after, a mind that needs caring for. It’s time to rest.