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I am being haunted by marathon runners! Is God trying to tell me something? I hope not. If He is, I need a little more motivation to run anything. Chloe, spotlighted in the company newsletter for the marketing department, recently ran the iNG marathon (?) in 4 hours and 16 minutes. I have no idea if that is good or bad (runner friend, please advise.). She is currently training for the Florida Ironman Triathalon. The IT spotlight guy, Pat, runs marathons. My best white frat friend runs the Chicago marathon every year. Drew in accounting runs marathons. I even have a Black female friend that is running in her first half marathon in September. I thought that most people wanted to run a marathon in their lifetime, just one, a something to do before I die item, but it seems everyone I meet is a marathoner (not sure if that is a word). I would like to exist without a thousand reminders of my own relative laziness! But I’m still not running a marathon anytime soon. Before I die. Maybe.

My job is getting tedious. For those who have no idea what I do, which is the vast majority since I haven’t talked about it in detail, I work for a homeowner’s insurance company. My company underwrites policies for independent agents. At present, I am an employee of the underwriting department. My official title is Support Specialist. None of that is important. At present, the only connection I have to the underwriting department is that I sit in the underwriting department. I am currently working for the accounting department. How does this happen, you ask? Well, let me back up. What I came into the company doing as a temporary employee was scanning the underwriting backfiling into a relatively new computer network program. In short, I was electronically filing documents older than six months. I was fantastic at it, and was offered a permanent position. Since the program is relatively new and next to nothing before june or july of 2008 was in the system, everyone wanted my services. I am now in accounting, scanning, QAing and linking and even completing the entire process of uploading, tagging, and filing general ledger journal entries, bank statements, invoices…things that I do not recognize and don’t want explained to me, too. After scanning so many, you eventually figure it out, but I don’t want to. I want to get back into underwriting department and onto my career path. As a Support Specialist, that career path would probably go like this: Support Specialist to Underwriting Assistant, Underwriting Assistant to Underwriter, Underwriter to Lead Underwriter, Lead Underwriter to Assistant Manager of Underwriter, Assistant Underwriting Manager to Underwriting Manager, and from there on up to President! Well, maybe not to President, but you get the picture. I am becoming painfully aware, through my accounting work, that most people there make more money than me. I am trying to get to the big bucks and the fulfillment factor, or as much of it as I can get to in a field that doesn’t involve me writing fiction and poetry and sunshine and kisses and puppies and kittens.

I’ve been talking to one of my good friends from college once a week on Fridays and have learned that she is making her way back to Florida for a job opportunity. I can’t wait for her to get here! She is almost twenty-five, out of college, will be here on her own, like me. I have a few people here that I could hang out with, only: 1) They are younger than me by at least three years, a lot when they are twenty-one/twenty-two and still in college versus being twenty-five, out of school, and working everyday. 2) They are all “booed up”. Yes, I have a boyfriend, too; he’s very nice. He’s fantastic. I don’t call him Mr. Perfect for nothing. But I don’t think we have to spend every moment together that we aren’t at work (or in their case, work/school). I would like to hang out with people I’ve met here, but they are with their boyfriends and new husbands. 3) I would like to have intelligent conversations about adult things sometimes. My loopy friend is a prime example of how lacking this is in my life. If I talk about bills, she’s like “I just don’t pay them” “forget those people.” Never mind she can’t have anything in her name, and therefore can’t so much as rent a car without calling me or someone else. When you talk to them about relationships, they can’t help you because they get upset with a man and do childish things to him and they break up. If you want to talk about a legitimate issue in a relationship, they’ve not gotten that far (and yes, I suspect this is the case even with the ones that are married here). They don’t want to talk about politics, jobs, the economy, investments and stock options, marriage/family/children, they want to talk about their clothes, their hair, their exams, the men they meet, the parties…and that’s cool; I’m just not there anymore. So I’m glad my girl is coming and I am counting days until she gets here…and thinking up something to call her for my blog.

I’m still moving my way through Stephen King’s IT…I’m into the three hundreds! I snuck away (twice) and read a harlequin(s), but I needed a break from blood and gore and terrorising children. The book is great though. I read it on my lunch break when it’s nice and quiet in the break room. I even sometimes have a book buddy that comes in to read and eat her lean cuisine pizza (it’s literally a pizza every time). We exchange thoughts on author’s and book suggestions. It’s so nice to meet someone whose eyes light up talking about books like mine do. Go reading!

That’s about all the randomness I can drum up. A return to normalcy tomorrow. My break from people is officially over. Bring me your problems and questions, lol. I’m feeling more myself.