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I felt drained to the dregs in the bottom of the bottle today. I had the beginnings of a migraine pinching my head, neck and shoulders, so I left work early to come home and rest, something I almost never do. But this day was not going well, and I needed a moment to step back and rest a bit.

I woke up late and didn’t feel well. I overslept. My body was saying, “Stay here, 2blu…call in,” but I staunchly refused. I had to stop and get gas, and was late, of course. I sliced the pad of a finger open with a staple I was removing from an invoice. I was looking at the same invoice for several minutes, not comprehending anything, and asking dumb questions about them because I couldn’t get my fuzzy brain to work. I had to give it up before I messed something up.

I know I owe you a ton of things–movie reviews, TV show reviews, deep thought provoking meditations and wisdom, silliness–but I am drained. I’ll spend a little time updating the look and feel of this blog while my iPod resyncs (oh, yeah, I almost forgot…took it to work and found it had erased itself and it had to be restored and resynced), and that will be it…at least for a while.