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My mind has been all over the place lately. I meant to write yesterday, but I just couldn’t find the motivation to make myself do anything, not even my yoga. I did finish a DVD of Dexter Season 3 though, so that’s something.

I mailed back my census this week; did you? I’ve talked to people who don’t want to mail back their census because the census has “Negro” for a choice in the race section, and for every other reason known to man. The one I haven’t heard, but am sure I will, is the one about how you shouldn’t be counting God’s people, taken from the Old Testament. People love to trot out religion when they don’t want to do something, when the Bible clearly states we are to have respect public offices and obey the ordinances of the land in the Book of Romans (I’ll get the exact verses posted later). I had no problem answering 10 basic questions and sending it back in, doing my civic duty, because I had bigger things on my mind that the possibility the census is racist because it said Negro. If it had said Nigger, I’d wonder, but I still wouldn’t boycott the census as long as my household of one was counted and they started putting money and resources into my community, grudgingly or not. I wish they had asked me some other questions, so I could get some interesting results back when they reveal the percentages, such as how many people are married and how many are “shacking up”? How many have a college degree that they are actually using? How many people have a household income of $100,000 or more? Who’s really in favor of healthcare? What’s Obama’s real approval rating? I mean, really, this is the biggest sample pool a survey could ever have. But since no one consulted me on it, my ideas/opinions are only being shared with you.

On Thursday, my accounting liason sent me an email asking when I would be finished with 2006 AP because she wanted me to “switch gears” and begin working on clearing another queue. I told her before I left work that I would be done by 9:30 a.m., possibly 10 if something went hinky (I didn’t use those exact words 🙂 ). I go to work yesterday and finish by–*gasp*–9:30a.m. almost exactly. I go upstairs with the final box and ask what’s next. She looks at me blankly for a moment then says she has a meeting, shouldn’t take any more than a few minutes and she will call me. I see her again at 2:30 when I go looking for her, and she still isn’t finish with her project. She gives me the new project at 4:15p.m. *Pause*

Now, clearly, I told her when I would be finished and again she said OK and then wasn’t ready to move to the next thing when I returned at the agreed upon time. And it isn’t just her. It’s been like that since I started working with accounting. I’m not sure if they’re just not registering that they have something else to do at that time when I tell them a time, or they aren’t used to people finishing things on time (which I have done nearly every single time–barring once when a glitch came up), or if they just forget all about the project I’m working on, but they do this every time and it’s becoming annoying. While I wait, I link sent mail for accounting–boring, but something to do that adds to the work environment and keeps sharp my one Underwriting Support Specialist skill. *Back to regularly scheduled programming*

This project she brings me is three-fold. In my head, I want to scream. I know she is just doing her job, but they are seriously calling my work into question, and I don’t appreciate…*deep breath…OK* She hands me a (tiny) spreadsheet of every account for every company that I have scanned, QA’d and routed into the queue, with yellow highlights of things that are missing, and tells me my first task is to go back through every box of banking paperwork (from 2003-2009) and try and track down the missing paperwork. *Pause*

I am the only one who scans in this backfiling documentation, the only one who has handled those boxes since I began scanning them. I scanned everything that was in those boxes, correctly placed or not. If it’s in the boxes, it’s IN THE SYSTEM. Now you are calling my work into question. I know, it’s accounting and you have to “account” for things, but why am I looking in the same place for something that wasn’t there the first five times I looked (okay, more like three for most and five for statements, but still, I’ve handled each piece of paper in those boxes at least three times). *Back to regularly scheduled programming*

I scream on the inside, but on the outside I just smile and nod and say OK. Next, I report my findings, if any, back to her. Then after I’ve corroborated her findings on the chart and closely checking two months worth of paperwork for that account, I send the docs for that company/acct/year to complete. That means I have done every step in the backfiling process from start to complete BY MYSELF. Is that really good business practice, to have one person be the only one checking for accuracy? I’m just an English major, but even I know someone else should proofread your work because you know what you meant to put. I’m great at my job, but no one is perfect. However, if that’s what they want, I’ll do my best at it. The first order of business is to take her spreadsheet, with its tiny letters, and create a list (I like lists) of the missing docs only.

I spent one of the roughest evenings/nights in recent times by myself. I can’t wait until Ms. Independent gets here (that’s what I’ve decided to call my friend that’s moving to Florida for work in May). Sometimes you just need a woman on the other end of the phone, or to go to the chick flicks with, or to come over and eat ice cream and converse with about PMS or boyfriends, or nail polish–I don’t know what all. You need someone you’ve spent enough time with to know this is her all day everyday, and I like and respect her for who and what she is, agree or disagree. She’s not going to tell my business and she’s not going to hold back her opinion. I have so few friends who are both honest and loving, real and sensitive, who are fun to be around and talk to, and others that I have are doing so much and have so much of their own things going on, they rarely have time to call and chat.

I have things I want to accomplish this morning besides blogging, so I need to wrap this up. But I still have a lot on my mind to relate about yesterday. Maybe I’ll write again tonight.