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Thank God it’s Friday! God has helped me get a lot done this week, placing me in the right place at the right time to start crossing things off the to do list. First of all, I got my cracked windshield replaced. The Auto Glass people just happened to come into reception while I talked to the receptionist looking for business in the area. See? I wasn’t thinking about that particular to do, and here a solution just waltzes up the elevator. I also got some other things done in a similar fashion. Yay for God and working things for good for me!

More good. I am again doing some consulting work for a group home again. Possibly. I am going tomorrow to meet with a woman to negotiate a flat rate for monthly paperwork, IPs, annual reviews, and the like. I am gathering materials to take her samples of work and get some details nailed down. I am approaching this with a lot of seriousness. I am drawing up paperwork to get terms in writing so I won’t get taken for a ride. The influx of money is sorely needed, too. Right on time.

I was back on invoices all week long, and Accounting lady is supposed to come and talk to me about finishing banking next week. My boss is supposed to be figuring out exactly what they have left for me to do and what’s going on. I want to finish by my anniversary date and annual review and move on to something else. That’s three months away, so we’ll see how that works out.

Have a busy Saturday ahead of me, and a lot to prepare for.