I had a rough weekend, jam packed with irritation and spooks, and children. Mr. Perfect and I volunteered to help out with Spring Fling on Saturday mrning. Spring Fling is an annual event at our church, the weekend before Easter, which marks Easter & the coming of spring. There were tons of children from the neighborhood– and few parents. They used the event as a day care. Most of the children weren’t bad, but you could tell they were left to fend for themselves and each other most of the time.Many were like mini adults, grave little people with no sparkle, at first, but their childish spirits came out after a while. It made the hard work worth it.

After leaving the children we met with a brother from church about life insur3ance with an investment componet. We ended up talking more about credit scores, credit reports, and what beacon scores and banks look for on credit reports. I’ve pulled my reports a few times since I’ve been an adult, and it’s downright eye opening sometimes to see what is on there and where it came from. All around practical advice.

Then we went to meet with the perspective consulting client. Here is what came off that odd encounter: When we arrived, she was not there and I could not reach her on my phone. After calling Pink Susie to see if she could get in touch with her, we decided to eat then come back. I finally got her on the phone, but lost her before I found out where she was. Several calls later we finally connected and I figured out she was returning to original meeting place. She thought we were meeting Sunday (?). When I finally met her, she was nearly incoherent. I couldn’t understand half of what she said, and when I asked questions, she looked at me blankly like a computer processing the information for several seconds before responding. She couldn’t hold her thoughts long and I had to say everything at least three times before I got through. I was so exhausted leaving there I didn’t know what to do!

I got home and had a ridiculous nose bleed. Hot blood ran from my nose like a faucet, and my mucus was almost pure blood. It scared me witless.

Pink Susie’s son called last night to ask me to drive to Kissimmee, drive him 2 hours south to his house so he could get tools, and follow him back s he could fix his truck…after 8PM. I told him, and his dad, and his mom, that I just couldn’t do that. I could go to Kissimee and wait for triple A with him, but that was it. His parents decided to come for him; he’s 34 if he’s a day.

This weekend was a huge battle; not sure I won.