TGIF, indeed! If your week was abything like mine, you are more than ready to see the back of it. I’ve had a pretty good week workwise, finally getting an ending timeframe for my accounting sojourn. I got back in the gymand paid a few bills. It just seems that this week was too long. Of course, that could just be because I had something to look forward to.

Mr. Perfect got us tickets to see Mint Condition at the House of Blues. It’s my first time going to HOB, and my first Mint Condition Concert. I love Mint Condition; couldn’t imagine my iPod without them. Imagine my surprise to run into two people who had no idea who they were when trying to share my joy. One person thought they were a cover band.

Um, hello! “Pretty Brown Eyes” “You Send Me Swinging” “What Kind of Man Would I Be?” “If You Love Me” “you Don’t Have to Hurt”–how could you not know. I felt like handing them my MC catalogue and saying Jhere. Educate Yourself.” I need grown friends. These babies don’t know anything!

There are a few blog related goals this week. A features page that explains and helps you find features on this blog, including weekly staples. I’m thinking of doing a mini blog each Friday called Freaky Friday as well (no hints!0 Also a cast of characters would be helpful. Any further suggestions can be left here.