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I love my voice. Stop laughing; I’m serious. If you’ve never heard me talk (in wich case you may consider yourself lucky), I would describe my voice like this: if Minnie Mouse was an educated Southern city mouse from Arkansas–a high pitched voice with a subtle, sophisticated southern housewife type of sound that kinda sounds like sweet tea and sunshine to me. Usually. I also have a great singing voice, but I’m not a technical singer.

I only have 2 problems: most people either can’t stand my voice or hate how much I talk.I talk a lot; I am aware of this. When I talk less people think something is wrong, but when I do talk they are only half listening anyway. My father even told me I’ll never have a man/ get married until I learn to shut up and not talk the man to death. Upon reflection, this could be why I thought I would never get married. 😀

Mr. Perfect thinks I talk too much. He’d have to be deaf not to.It’s something I’m sure he’d probably like to change about me, too.

I’ve always been chatty, but I used to be talkative because I had something to say; now I think it’s more that I have to say something. I was wanting to share information, now sometimes I just want to fill awkward (to me) silences. Or I go quiet and people asked me if I’m ok, so I dig around for something to talk about. I have talked my throat sore for no reason before. But this is not the way it is with everyone in every situation. People at work don’t think I can talk most of the time. And there’s no idle chatter in English classes. These are places in which I am extremely comfortable and confident, quietly self-assured.

The Bible actually speaks against talking too much, idle chatter, empty talking, etc. My lips still won’t stop flapping. Some people struggle with drugs or sex but I struggle with my darn tongue! Y’all need to pray for me. 😦