In case you haven’t noticed, I have a page titled Twice Told Tales. The Twice Told Tales page is a page I created on which to post my favorite, my essential posts. If you read nothing else on my blog, you can get a good feel for me, and my blog, by reading this page. Now, there are finally entries listed on it for you to peruse!

It’s impossible for me to write something new and exciting in the present mood that I’m in. It’s not a new & exciting day. I need a few more minutes/hours to compose myself before I can get back to my fun discussion inducing relationship stuff, or my deep introspective life retrospectives, or…anything. So, go to Twice Told Tales, look and see if there’s anything you missed or didn’t get a chance to comment on, or make a suggestion for what you think should be there. I am still organizing Categories for easy search and organizing things. When something else new comes  down the pike, you will be the first to know.

Be blessed and tell your loved ones you love them.