I have been hearing a lot of buzz about Ciara’s new video, particularly her body in said video. Black women all over Facebook and such are exclaiming they need to go to the gym and get like Ciara. Hmph!

Now, beefore I continue let me be clear. I like Ciara; we’ve been working out together for months via my iPod. She’s very pretty and a great dancer. That being said, I don’t get all the hype. Ciara has always had the same slender body and incredible abs. I was expecting something new to be evident but there was not. Not that she doesn’t look good. Just that she’s always looked like that. (P.S. Why she still Beyonce jockin’? That bathing suit, fur coat, and Farrah Fawcett golden brown hair looked too familiar…ahem).

I am Pro whatever gets Black women in the gym and on the track. But your health or body should be more inducement than a professional entertainer. Ciara obviously loves to dance and spends hours doing it; find an exercise you can spend hours doing and go for it. Personally, I’m shooting for Janet Jackson ‘s Son of a Gun video body–skip the dumb stuff– curves and a stomach like no other. šŸ˜€

I’m (possibly) doing a 6K tomorrow for March of Dimes with sorors. 2blu love the kids! I’ve walked for warmth, hunger, babies, and a riduclous amount of other before, so I’m excited to get back to doing something I used to do (when I was fit).

I have a mystery pain just under my knee toward shin in my right leg. It doesn’t feel like shin splits…it may just be my body’s way of telling me it didn’t appreciate mty jog/walk/run intervals yesterday in the park. Haven’t run outside or on treadmill in ages. Yoga has taught me how to protect my joints, and I stretched well beforehand, so I should adjust soon. I still want a bike and a tennis partner.

More later