I managed to accomplish a few things this weekend, but most of them were already late, so I’m not really sure that I can count that in the win column. I’m still going to, though! After an aborted trip to find a certain soulfood place on our side of town, we ended up at Friday’s Friday night. I told Mr. P I wanted to go to the March for Babies event and he agreed to go with me.

The march morning was a mess. I woke up late, and freaked because I’m OCD about meeting up on time. We get to where my sorority is gathering to leave with a few minutes to spare (only to ask for meet up point at site; Mr. P was driving us), only to find tha no one was there. They were about 20-30 mins late leaving, at which time I was still waiting for Mr. P. to geth back from the gas station (and a side trip home). At the site, it took us forever to park and everyone had started already.

We managed to catch up with them and finish the course. It was hot and uncomfortable, and a lot of the tables ran out of water. Overall it was good, though. The sun was out and we were helping babies.

At church Sunday night, one of the brothers that aspires to preach gave his second sermon. It was really good. I remember when he was first baptized a little over a year ago, and he’s already preaching. He and his wife are going to have baby #2 this summer and are young people, a year or two younger than me. It does me good to see other people my age living and preaching the Word. Despite what you see on TV, there are some Black men who marry and raise their children and do what God wants them to do!

I accidentally put premium gasoline in my car. No biggie according to my uncle, but big deal says my wallet. I am still giving my dad’s first chapter a thorough proofreading and making appropriate suggestions/ commentary. The book is on building stronger relationshps. It has me thinking about getting back to my book. If I ever get on top of everything else!