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I’ve been avoiding writing this entry for long enough, and with good reason. I should have updated you on my progress on the year’s goals a long time ago, but there’s not much to update you on that was positive or, at least, entertaining.

At the moment, I am sitting at my computer waiting for some chicken breast to cook for a very experimental Hamburger Helper (yes, I am making HH with chicken breast tonight). I’m watching Alex & Emma, an awesomely bad romantic comedy centered around one person’s burning need to write a novel in less than thirty days, and the woman he hires to transcribe this masterpiece. It’s very fitting, all considered.

At this point, I am trying new things and ruminating over old problems and blocks. The groceries are new. I haven’t bought groceries in a while. This should stop me from eating pizza and cinnastix at random hours of the night because I’m too exhausted to go buy something and cook it. There are no quick meals, though, and no beef or pork. I just have chicken, tilapia, and turkey with a variety of vegetables and pastas. This is good. Really. Except when I’m hungry and have to wait until it’s done before I can eat. Just the usual problem of wanting things to happen right away, a product of being in the microwave generation.

That’s the real problem with the goals, I guess. They’re not happening fast enough…or at all. Mostly, it’s my fault. I haven’t put the time and effort into them that I should have. I haven’t put the time and effort into anything , really. The exercising was going well, but I wasn’t losing weight, so I haven’t been doing as much. It didn’t seem worth it. My financial situation is starting to look better in the long term, but the short term is still rocky. I am still playing a bit of catch up here and there, but I’ve managed to stop the bleeding. (And get new work shoes…Yes!) I haven’t written here everyday, obviously, and I haven’t submitted anything to anywhere, so I’m four submissions behind. Spiritually, I’m growing, but I could be growing more if I read more of my Bible, prayed more often, and got back involved in some ministries/committees at church. All in all, I think it’s time to start all over  again.

There are a million and one things that I could talk about, but they’d merely be distractions from what I’m supposed to be doing: making Hamburger Helper and working on something–dad’s chapter, Mrs. V’s group home work, my own writing. I could continue washing clothes and cleaning the apartment. I could watch some groundbreaking television or a few movies. Either way, I need to get productive.

I decided to give Mr. P a rest for the time being. He has been featured a lot lately, one way or another. I am instead going to develop a new page for New Readers, one that gives a good synopsis of the blog, has a list of people I mention frequently and their “blognomers,” and few other things. Keep looking for the new page. In the meantime, I have chicken breasts to flip!