Yesterday was packed to the hilt with things to get done and things to do, but I didn’t do most of them. I needed a fun day. Friday after work, Tilla, the accounting manager, came to see if anyone wanted her tickets to see Xanadu, so I accepted them. I didn’t know anything about Xanadu, except it was a movie before a musical, there were rollerskates involved, and it was an 80s thing. I asked Mr. P if he wanted to go, and he knew nothing of the play either, but it was on Broadway and it was free, so he said sure.

Xanadu exceeded both of our very limited expectations. The story is a little out there, but the play’s self-mockery and ironic moments that tell you they are in on the joke made it great. The music was beautiful, the acting was flawless and funny, and the dancing and tapdncing were great as well. The plot in a few words: An artist in Venice Beach, California decides his work is hopeless and he should just give up. The Muses, Greek demi-god sisters (nine….but there are only eight in the play and two of them are played by men…the other two are in the band), arrive to inspire Sonny. Clio, head muse, hopes that helping Sonny will earn her the reward of Xanadu from Zeus–a reward that no one has gotten & no one knows what it is. Two of her sisters plot to make her fall in love with Sonny (a no no for a muse) to keep her from being rewarded Xanadu…add a concurrent subplot of one of Clio’s other aspiriing artists and you have lots of hilarity. I loved it!

Mr. P. had heard that Raheem DeVaughn was going to be at the House of Blues, so after a quick bite to eat at Fridays we set out for the concert. The show was really well done. The musicians and back up singers were tuned perfectly and the sound quality was great. I sang along to some songs that were in heavy rotation in the iPod two years ago and heard some new ones I went home and downloaded. I liked the way he elaborated on one song in particular to include a female rebuttal & an answer (B.O.B). I thought ooverall his trransitions flowed well and his set list was wonderfully done (there were no B sides and the songs fit into the show where they when they were sung.

Other highlights of the weekend: ice cream at Marble Slab; searching for scrapbook pages at JoAnn’s; watching Unsung: Rose Royce, Wwhat Chilli Wants & the season 3 premiere of the Boondocks, and; eating Chicken Fettucine alfredo (complete meals) fresh from the oven. I’m extremely proud of myself for getting 4 scrapbook pages purchased on my way to a scrapbook of Mr. P & I. I’ve recorded my misgivings on making a scrapbook, but I realized I had to at leap of faith some time. More on that later…