My weekend did not start as I’d planned. I had to rush from work to a nail salon near my house to get my eyebrows, lip and chin waxed so that I could meet Mr. Perfect’s sister without looking like Chubacca or the chubracabra (sp?). That went well– until she overwaxed my lip area and pulled my top lip half off! It swelled and looked a little crooked, so I texted friends and called mom. I got every response from allergic reaction to just put ice on it. The first touch of ice swelled it, but after the chill got into it, the lip calmed, but still burned whenever I thinned the top lip–to smile, etc.

After Lipgate, I used a new product that promised to lock out humidity and make a straightening last 3x as long…Luckily it worked, even on my dirty hair that missed its wash this week. Without anymore debacles, I managed to get ready and meet the Perfect Sister.

Tampa was a bust–Mr. P’s sister didn’t like the club, the line was too long, etc.–so we ended up in town. Afterwards we saw an accident victim laying in the street, with EMS trying to put her broken body on a stretcher.. After that Lipgate seemed grossly overrated. We sent up prayers on her behalk and retired for the night.

Saturday we went to Cheesecake Factory, then out for ice cream at Coldstone. There was an adorable boy sitting next to us who was absolutely infatuated with me, to his mother’s embarrassment. He laughed, he reached, he flirted, shwoing two little teeth. I was sad to see him hauled off by a weary mom and grandma. After some more talking abd bonding we took sister Perfect to the airport.I liked sister Perfect; hopefully we will see her again sometime.

Other than the baby bump fiasco of the previous entry, Sunday was a reular Sunday, out to eaat, walking in the park, church. It was very restful.

Almost forgot– we saw Iron Man 2 on Saturday evening. I felt the storyline was convoluted, and the character of Tony Stark lost a dimension, but the action was good. Don Cheadle did an excellent job and was a great choice to replace T. Howard. He gave the role new depths of conflicting loyalties and dignity that the role commanded, but not that this movie deserves. The tie-in, while mostly a vehicle to add *** to the cast, still blended well with the rest of the dizzy story.And Samuel L. really couldn’t do any wrong as Nick Fury.

Hope you all had a great weekend! (sorry for typos…typing on phone. I’ll correct them later.)