Same cast, really. You expect some people to change, but they don’t. They say their hypocritical crap with a straight face or make their jellyfisher comments with the same surprised look when you call them on it. I am not the type of person to give up on folks easily, but we’ve been doing this for a while. Telling you how I feel doesn’t work. Treating you how I want to be treated doesn’t work. Maybe we just don’t work together as friends. Hmph!

That’s my randomness for today. Finally saw a movie deserving of a review. Just Wright with Common & Queen Latifah. I’ll review in a future post. I also have to get back to the second part of the disclaimers post, the instruction/ warning labels, and am going to write a post on keeping your friends out of your business relationshpwise.

That friendship thing works both ways. I don’t mention Mr. P. as much or specifics or our relationship for that reason, as he expressed some misgivings about it. He had said before he wasn’t a fan of being discussed with other people. Well, it seems that has not gone both ways in regards to him discussing us. So it’s more timely than I knew to bring out that element of the friend debate.

Also with my friend now here in Florida, it’s timely to talk about friend/relationship balance,especially when it’s single friends who want to go out or hang. Let’s be honest, my friend & I are both church girls, but we are trouble together, lol! We have a good time, but how much time do you give to each relationship you have outside of the romantic one?

Time will be discussed again. I talked about timelines and checkpoints, but I want to deal more with what you are checking for at which time, what immediately stops the clock, so to speak, until it’s been addressed, and when do you have to adjust your timetable–or do you?

I also want to tlk about Sexual Healing with Dr. Laura Berman on Showtime and delve into some issues the first episode brought up. (if you have netflix, the episodes of Sexual Healing are available to watch instantly).

I am on my phone so I won’t write a full in depth entry. Poke around on here, using Twice Told Tales tab for a quick list of the highlights and as always feel free to comment on whatever.