Mr. Perfect made another one of my dreamss come true last night: he played tennis with me! Serena and Roger we are not, but there’s nothing quite like working up a good sweat with your significant other , getting a little competitive, encouraging each other, the draws you in together, y’know?Aside from the obvious cardio and endurance challenge, I was glad he suggested we play tennis and bought himself a racket. I lit up like your proverbial Christmas tree. Little things like that make me heart him even more!

The weekend was very fitness focused for me. I did two new workouts on my on demand; Defined.Dancer’s.Abs and Kim Kardashian’s booty routine–squats & plies for days, let me tell you! The defined dancer abs video never lets you stop moving. At the very least, you are bouncing on your toes from start to finish. Aside from my videos and tennis. I also bought new running shoes–Oasics Gel 1150s. It has great arch supports, gel under the heel. They feel like a sturdy pair of socks. I ran a different pair of Oasics and Saucony’s through the shoe department, but the 1150s felt the best. Special thanks to Sports Authority guy for helping me find the perfect runners–and to Jess S. for giving me good fitness advice & suggesting Sports Authority!

Other highlights of the weekend: Bahama Breeze and dollar movie with Mr. Perfect & Mz.Independent. Pedicure & eyebrow waxing; treating Mr. Perfect to lunch and making him dinner; my new Queen sized bed (ok ok, air mattress, but its very comfortable and unair-mattressie; new shower gel–Velvet Bliss; New sunglasses, and last but not least; bringing five bills current!

Hope everyone else had a great weekend! Memorial day & three day weekend at the end of this workweek! God bless!