In an effort to make my goals more attainable, and to give you a break from constant updates, I decided to focus on my progress or lack thereof in one area one time each month. This month was money May!

Nothing too exciting here. I got my phone bill balance to zero (yay)! Along with lights, gas, 2 loans, and car payment. I got one loan deferred and am working on two (with one more after that before I can consolidate). I haven’t touched the library fine, but I paid up the gym and got my membership switched to automatic pay from my account. I started scheduling my bills the week before I get paid to pay out pay day, so I won’t forget. I have one more bill to get current, then I should see al the extra money I should have each month.

My rent went up again. It is now 50 more than when I moved in in Nov. of 2008. It’s time to start looking. I don’t want to, but this is crazy. They may kick me out for making too much money when the lease is up anyhow. My cable/internet bill went up as well. My insurance may go up too, but I hope not.

I am opening my second account to begin saving as soon as the last bill is paid up, hopefully this weekend. I want to use it for savings, as well as overdraft protection. I want to let it accumulate a bit, then do a super saver CD until I have enough for a traditional CD, Money Market, interest bearing Checking account, or Mutual fund, in addition to contributing more to my 401k (my time in banking was well spent, believe me!).

Well, that’s it for money May(hem). After 5 months, I am finally overcoming an overdraft party that resulted in half of a paycheck’s worth of overdraft fees and on course to meet goals again. Next month is Job June! Focuse on career.

Making moves (and money),