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This week has been really up and down for me, but it was a necessary week. Taking stock of the people in your life, assessing your progress on your goals, & deciding how to move forward the second half of the year is important for personal growth. Of course, it isn’t easy to come to the realization that people who you’ve regarded as friends don’t have your best interests at heart, but it’s better to know sooner, before you trust them with sensitive information or lend them money, or any number of things that would feel like a bigger betrayal down the road. You can’t befriend or save everybody. One thing I find myself still trying to learn is, as my mom always says, “Everybody who smiles in your face ain’t ya friend.”

I’m leaving the heaviness aside for the three day weekend. I need time to de-stress. Maybe a girl’s night w/ Mz.Independent Sunday, a nice bbq or something Monday. I have nothing to be down about. My money & fitness goals are back on track, I’m restarting my write something here everyday goal on June 1st, I have great friends, a wonderful boyfriend, and a good job!

Speaking of my job, I know I have a long post coming up in Job June, but I wnted to share this. I’m just a few days away from the end of entering invoices…yay! 😀 Then I will be moving on to…invoices? What the what? Yep. Apparently, after I finish scanning and data entry, I am going to QA them (which will officially make them live in the system). Why they are asking me to do accounting work from start to finish (again), I have no idea. Where are the checks and balances? I talked to my underwriting manager (my actual department) about it, and he said that he would talk to some higher ups about it, because it isn’t good business practice (and I could be making my way up the Underwriting ladder already, before they lose me to a higher paying position somewhere else. I love my company, and the job I’m supposed to be doing, and all the perks, but this accounting is wearing me down. I don’t like numbers; I like words). We will see what happens with that.

Happy long weekend!