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I promise every title will not include which day I am on, but my brain doesn’t want to be creative. Having just had lunch, I’m warm and sleepy. Instead of giving in to lassitude and letting my limbs get leaden, which would most certainly come up in the next job review, I will share what I’ve been thinking in between data entry & scanning.

I have written two poems to encapsulate how I’ve been at different points in my life, one at eighteen and one at twenty-three. I thought it was time to do another one after my trip to the beach for Memorial Day (that was better than the previous entry idea of a memorial entry). Eighteen was about shrugging off people’s expectations, going out to conquer the world; twenty-three was about finally being out of college, an adult, and my mother’s struggle to let go. What would twenty-five be about? Imperfectin, drowning, thinking your getting somewhere and seeing you aren’t any closer to the object in the distance, being uncomfortable, but not being alone. Well, at least those are what resonated with me from the beach excursion!

It doesn’t escape my notice that I am getting back to par this entire year, and not moving forward. But now that I am almost back to even keel, I need to reaffirm what I’m moving towards, try to end this poem on a hopeful note. So this is what I’m moving towards: financial maturity (good credit & savings), publishing credits, fitness/health, dynamic spiritual growth, and stronger personal relationships.

Feel free to follow me on this journey.